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  1. 【HELP】magic energy look effect

    thanks!It works. But I can't overlap multiple lines and some lines are separate.Could you please give me some examples to achieve this?
  2. I could make lines like this but the material is really a trouble.Any advice to render like this?
  3. abstract lines between model inner

    Anyone have some good ideas to achieve this effect? It's a bit trouble of the material....
  4. How to install houdini onto the windows based shared folder for linux HQUEUE clinet? Here comes out a “symlink not supported” error when I try to install on it. Really need help
  5. Warcraft‘s Medivh effect?Need help

    I think the "pop curve force" is dificult to use.It's very easy to lose particles and hard to control particles.It's hard to hold all particles if the curve have a big arc.
  6. Warcraft‘s Medivh effect?Need help

    Can you tell me a little bit more about this effects such as use curves?Hopefully hip files.Thank you very much
  7. Anyone have a tutorial of this effects? Really need help.