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  1. volume displacement based of UV

    Yes toNDC is a good way to achieve this displacement effect BUT... it ONLY works when camera don't move, and the object must be static. In other words the displacement will move when camera move. That's not what I need.
  2. volume displacement based of UV

    I tried , but it doesn't work
  3. Hello everyone, Let's say in SOP I make a vdb density volume from a sphere which have uv attribute. And in "VDB from polygon" node I inherit that UV to a VDB field. And then in the material, I want inherit that UV field and make volume displacement using a jpg tex based of that UV when I hit render , the result looks strange (Bottom right corner) regardless I rotate the uv position Here is the file and tex untitled.hip shu.zip
  4. 【HELP】magic energy look effect

    thanks!It works. But I can't overlap multiple lines and some lines are separate.Could you please give me some examples to achieve this?
  5. I could make lines like this but the material is really a trouble.Any advice to render like this?
  6. abstract lines between model inner

    Anyone have some good ideas to achieve this effect? It's a bit trouble of the material....
  7. How to install houdini onto the windows based shared folder for linux HQUEUE clinet? Here comes out a “symlink not supported” error when I try to install on it. Really need help
  8. Warcraft‘s Medivh effect?Need help

    I think the "pop curve force" is dificult to use.It's very easy to lose particles and hard to control particles.It's hard to hold all particles if the curve have a big arc.
  9. Warcraft‘s Medivh effect?Need help

    Can you tell me a little bit more about this effects such as use curves?Hopefully hip files.Thank you very much
  10. Anyone have a tutorial of this effects? Really need help.