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  1. Hi! Did you eventually get the solution to this?? I'm struggling quite a lot with the same problem right now. Thanks!
  2. Interactive Wedge

    Hi, What you are asking for is exactly what TOP's do. I suggest you to give it a try
  3. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    - VEX Wranggle autocomplete and dynamic help display, like python shell. Please, its time..
  4. You can add a point for each voxel you have by typping in a volumewrangle this: if (f@density>0) addpoint(0, @P);
  5. switch in vex?

    Another option, maybe don't fit to your case but can be usefull. selector.hiplc
  6. That array in a solver is pretty much what I was searching for! surely can be optimized a little more but is a very good solution, great job.
  7. Hi all! Posting this challenge here means i've spent a lot of time searching for a solution at this problem, no succed. It's quite simple: You have a set of points, a randomly event occurs for each one of them and once that happens I want to set the frame of the incident into a point attribute. I think is simple but i've been stucked for a few days, hope you guys can find a solution and bright me one more time. Thanks! I attach an example (failed) file. setFrameIntoAtribute.hipnc
  8. Smoke/Pyro | Cluster Simulation

    Amazing, congratulations and thanks for sharing. Next step may set oriented clusters, as seen before in a trzanko thread
  9. Heat melting squid

    Hi there! I tried to recreate the melting of a squid by a heat. I use PC propagation, and sourcing Cd for the smoke. Any feedback will be highly apreciated. https://www.linkedin.com/in/pol-villà-31a476110/ finalRender_AE.mov
  10. Hi! Just sharing another work of mine, this one took me a lot of time and I like more what this setup can achieve than the result that I got , but at least I finished. Hope you like it!!
  11. Human glass ink filled battle

    Sure, take a look at this test hipfile, but you will see nothing complicated I guess glassBattle_test_OdForce2.hip
  12. Heat melting squid

    Totally agree, i first started following Entagma's propagation PC lesson and ended in a mix of some techniques together. Thanks and congratulations for your last project with fluids, I spended half morning gazing it... awesome. I hope to work with you someday https://www.linkedin.com/in/pol-villà-31a476110/
  13. Hi! Just want to share my last work, a magic reconstruction of a world globe. It contains DOP sop solver, smoke by color, advection by smoke and fog, basically. Hope you like it. Pol https://vimeo.com/207149300 Job searching as vfx generalist. https://vimeo.com/polvilla particles.mov
  14. Dynamic shatter transfer (easy)

    Hi there! I'm afraid I forgot something simple here, because there is no way I can transfer shatter to a moving object (in this case a walking biped ). I know that best way is to shatter before apply movement but in this case I'm working on an Alembic file so there is no option here. I attach a simplified version of my problem, hope you guys can solve it, thanks! dynamicShatterTransfer.hip
  15. Dynamic shatter transfer (easy)

    Wow! Solved! But i'm wondering how "animStore" expression keeps and transfers moving points to shattered geometry so efficiently. I've never seen anything like this before, very clever.
  16. Dynamic shatter transfer (easy)

    I tried already, fixes the problem but not 100% accurate.
  17. Dynamic shatter transfer (easy)

    I'll try it, thanks!
  18. Dynamic shatter transfer (easy)

    I was afraid that the solution was this because I find it terribly slow,I suppose I'll have to send fractured geometry to Maya, re-animate and save the Alembic again with the animation of the shattered character...(sorry for bad english). Thank you so much anyway
  19. Magic world globe reconstruction

    Glad you like it, thank you. I'll do it.
  20. Magic world globe reconstruction

    Thank you, I appreciate your comments and I think you're right on this point. If I ever have time to rebuild this project I'll do the camera change.
  21. Hi! I don't know how to solve a simple UV problem, I created a basic file where i can recreate my case. I just want to get UV's sticked to the geometry, even if there is a rotation or gets partialy deleted. I tried using Vertex Sop for MAP matching, but no results. Can you help me? Thanks! UV_Problem.hiplc
  22. Simple UV problem

    Ok i found the solution, i was trying to unwrap after the cache simulation. I resimulate again and applied the unwrap before and no problem this time. So I asume that it has to be done always before saving cache files.. Thanks!
  23. Simple UV problem

    You're right, i'm sorry that's not exactly my problem, I just made a scene more reliable. UV_Problem.hiplc