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  1. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Emacs all the things, What i want is Houdini embedded into Emacs with evil mode for all text fields. /s In all fairness, i would like alt-e to popup a new buffer inside of emacs, instead of the floating panel
  2. Generate Hair

    Hi, I have a custom hair solution that i want to make, by using a spring force instead of a dop network. I have some guide curves that animate as i want but now i need to generate hairs form the guides, how do i go about this? Thanks
  3. Styling Hair generate

    I have dynamic animated (and simulated hair), the problem is i would like to cut the generated hairs to create a precise trangular shaped fringe. Adding a groom guide node breaks the animation, is it possible to cut the generated hairs precisely?
  4. Styling Hair generate

    Hi, I have a haircut that is quite precise, so i am using a guide groom on the hair generate to cut a straight line on my characters fringe. How do i have this work with the animated result? Thanks
  5. Hair Collisions

    A different issue has arisen, i can't get Target Stiffness and Target Damping to work. Raising the value to 100 for both has zero effect on the outcome of the hair simulation. I have made sure i have the correct simulation spatial scale. Thanks
  6. Hair Collisions

    Never mind, solved it. The surface i was trying to collide with is an alembic surface, so i had to convert it to a polygon surface before it would collide, following the instructions from Jeff https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/32667/#post-153546
  7. Hair Collisions

    Hi guys, I have a hair sim that im trying to do, i've got everything setup and working with the exception of collisions with other objects. The hair will collide with the skin surface, but im trying to add collisions with his clothing. I've created an external dopnet and merged in a static object (his coat). I've verified that the collision guide is accurate but i can't get it to collide with the hair wire object. Collide Independent and Collide Codependent are enabled on the wire object. Any help would be gratefully appreciated Thanks