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  1. FX Artist / TD for hire

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to be back...... It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, I know Here is my new demoreel: Szymon Masiak DemoReel and website: Masiak3d.com I haven't used Houdini for some time even I love it, that's why my demo is mostly 3dsmax related. I'm looking for fx / particle / TD job. I used to work in States for few years and now I'm based in Poland. I hope you'll like my demo
  2. FX Artist / TD for hire

    Thanks Leo! I know, it's been some time I'm glad to be back.
  3. Houdini > XSI convert?

    Any way to Houdini > XSI convert? How? ..help..
  4. Free Scenes

    Hi guys, Maybe someone will be interested.... I'm posting 2 free scenes for all who's searching some more materials to learn. 1. Grass System - remember to save geometry on disk and then use reproduce flow to render. 2. Mountain. - quite cool for playing with VOPs. Enjoy. Szymon. PS. Done with 8.0.324 grass04.zip Mountain02.zip
  5. Hi guys, I asked about it in this topic but desided to open a new one: http://odforce.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=846&st=12 Does anyone can share his experience with creating volumentrics (like clouds, smokes, etc.) using Point Cloud? I know everyone around is talking about it how great and fast is it, etc. but nobody can give specific examples. I'm looking for example done in VOP's... not VEX code but node based example. I know I can find this: http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fi...8&versionid=208 but volumentrics are done with rewritten i3d. I know it's a new technique. Can anyone share or create scene how to do that? Thanks. Szymon.
  6. Lego

    I love it. Great job Stu !
  7. I did. It's suuuuuuuper sloooooooooooooooow and not useful for anything than architectural visualisations. Definatelly not production chiose. Great renders but even with simple scene render time just doesn't make sense. Long, long, long, loooooooooooong hours of render. Just stupid.
  8. Volumetrics And Point Cloud Technique

    Thanks AndrewVK ! That was quick. Nice example. Thanks a lot. Great start.
  9. Volumetrics And Point Cloud Technique

    ....and if you will..... don't forget to post a final scene
  10. Volumetrics And Point Cloud Technique

    Thanks a lot Luca. That sounds interesting. Finally someone spoke I remember SESI was showing us point cloud technique very quick six months ago saying it's something new and way faster than i3d - some torus turned into volumentrics. Quite interesting, but I couldn't get any more informations about it after that. Right now for me it looks like technique to render i3d faster, nothing more. Am I right? By the way: why it was easier just write a code? Was it really so complicated to do in VOP's?
  11. Volumetrics And Point Cloud Technique

    Is it some kind of in-house secrets you guys have that nobody can say anything about it? Is it really so complicated?
  12. We used Glu3D insted RF for few productions. But it's for 3dsmax and Maya only. Max version has more features than Maya tho. Looks like Rafal forgets you can't do more in RF than fluids and Charlie was not only about doing CG Chocolate.
  13. Hot - The Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    Hey Drew? Anyway to get H8 build? BTW: I agree with Jason about VOPs - that would be awesome.
  14. Houdini Demo Reel Online

    Cool ! Congrats SESI ! Good job everyone
  15. Completly Off-topic

    Hi guys, this one is completly off-topic, but just wanted to let you know, for you who are Mac users and using Motion by any chance, that I have created this: www.motionVFX.com I know, I know, not houdini related, but totally off-topic. Maybe someone will be interested. By the way: any news about MacOS X port of Houdini ? LOL !
  16. Free Scenes

    These scenes are available in SESI's exchange now.
  17. Free Scenes

    Cool... thanks Jason. I'll have a look into. Thanks for sugesstions. It's always good to know some more from experts. I was testing it how far I can go with shader and this one renders pretty fast - about 30seconds - 1minute a frame. 640x320 with MBlur. Sweet.
  18. Free Scenes

    and here goes redered sequence using above mountain scene. Mountain.mov
  19. Free Scenes

    you are more than welcome! I tried exchange but it doesn't work. Seems like more people are having problem with it.
  20. Happy birthday...

    LOL, Thanks a LOT. Love you guys! Can't live without odforce
  21. Ocean System?

    What do you guys recommend as Ocean solution for Houdini? Hydro tools from Martian? Or do my own in VOP's? I found this on at wiki: http://www.odforce.net/wiki/index.php/HoudiniOceanToolkit Anyone used it? I'm looking for resources for upcoming production. Any other solutions? Thanks Szymon.
  22. Ocean System?

    Coooooooool. That's good to know. Do they offer any evaluation copy? Did you guys used it for Day after tomorrow? or that was some sop geometry + Storm?
  23. Fracture Problem

    Hi guys, I'm testing small fracture thing. Please look at attachment. Basictly idea is to use external object to group points on the grid, edit group to prims group and then use particles to drive fracture. For some reason, when metaball touches grid and group starts working it fractures whole grid as sorted geometry from up to down plus my selection. What's going on with that sorting up>down? I don't see anything like that in POP's. I want to have fracture coming out of my selection only. Also when I select my ReadyToUse source group in primitive2 op, it "explodes" only small part at the beginning. Any help would be welcome Thanks. fracture.zip
  24. Fracture Problem

    Thanks Dobe! Yeah, that make sense. Looks like I was lost in group sop's. Thanks a lot. That make s it way clear. That's probably some old way thinking drove me into no way out Thanks again.
  25. Fracture Problem

    I have figured it has something to do with sort and particle life. I also did same example but using color for group. Seems to work better. Hmm.. still doesn't understand how it works. The first example doesn't read all prims and: 1. when life is longer it stops using facet as source 2. when const birth rate is bigger it does weird things. I have created switch so you can check both methods. Any ideas how to make it working correctly? Boths samples are done with 8.0.324 NC. By the way: I don't know why, but seems like everyone moved to SESI's forum instead sharing ideas here fracture_paint.zip