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  1. Un-hide Nodes

    Can you proivde the error message? I have provided installation instruction at the bottom of the linked page.
  2. Un-hide Nodes

    Hey guys! Sharing a simple tool to reveal hidden/deprecated houdini nodes, incase you need them or just miss them. It's free, hope you find it useful. cheers! Use with caution, some nodes might make your scene unstable! https://gitlab.com/kishenpj/unhide_nodes
  3. Drag and drop QtWidget data to a parameter

    In that case, the only choice i have is to make my widget in python panel. Well that's a bummer. Thanks Alex!
  4. Drag and drop QtWidget data to a parameter

    I'm dragging the text from the QWidget (QTreeView) to a wrangle node. Right now when i drop the text on to a wrangle, it copies only the first line and the rest shows up when i delete those lines.
  5. Drag and drop QtWidget data to a parameter

  6. As the title suggests, how do you drag and drop Qt data on to a parameter? I was able to use this example as reference. But in my case the i couldn't make the drop event register. The code i have now kinda works, but the dropped text is wierd. What's the right way to do this....could use some help! I'm attaching an example code. from PySide2.QtWidgets import * from PySide2.QtCore import * from PySide2.QtGui import * import hou class TreeWidget(QTreeView): def __init__(self): super(TreeWidget, self).__init__() self.setDragEnabled(True) # def dragEnterEvent(self, event): # print "dragEnterEvent" # event.acceptProposedAction() def mouseMoveEvent(self, event): print "MoveEvent" mimeData = QMimeData() data = (self.selectedIndexes()[0]).data() mimeData.setText(data) drag = QDrag(self) drag.setMimeData(mimeData) drag.exec_(Qt.CopyAction | Qt.MoveAction, Qt.CopyAction) # def dropEvent(self, event): # print "dropEvent" # mime_data = event.mimeData() class Example(QWidget): def __init__(self): super(Example, self).__init__() self.build_ui() def build_ui(self): self.setGeometry(300, 300, 150, 250) self.setParent(hou.qt.mainWindow(), Qt.Window) mainlayout = QVBoxLayout() self.setLayout(mainlayout) self.tree_widget = TreeWidget() self.tree_widget.setRootIsDecorated(False) self.tree_widget.setHeaderHidden(True) model = QStandardItemModel() self.tree_widget.setModel(model) mainlayout.addWidget(self.tree_widget) for i in range(10): parent_item = QStandardItem('Example_{0} \nnew_line_{0} \n '.format(i)) model.appendRow(parent_item) def dragEnterEvent(self, event): event.acceptProposedAction() # def dropEvent(self, event): # print "dropEvent 2" # str = event.mimeData().text() # event.acceptProposedAction() ex = Example() ex.show()
  7. opunhide all nodes using python

    That's perfect. Thanks Tomas
  8. opunhide all nodes using python

    oh you're right, it does. Had to restart houdini for some reason. ok so hou.hscript("opunhide Sop") gives me all the hidden sop nodes but since it's returns a string, how do you make it a list so that i can loop for each node and say hou.hscript("opunhide Sop <node_name>") sop_list = [] for i in hou.hscript("opunhide Sop"): sop_list.append(str(i)) for sop in _sop_list: node _name = (sop.split(" ")[-1]) print node_name This won't work as i realized t's returning a string, not list of nodes
  9. opunhide all nodes using python

    How do you opunhide all nodes in a particular category or a bunch of specific nodes using python? I wish to add this in my startup script. a simple hou.hscriptExpression("opunhide Sop point") dosent seem to work. Nor does hou.hscript(). What am i doing wrong?
  10. PySide2 override CSS

    you can set color or MainWindow right after you create it. self.setStyleSheet("QMainWindow {background: 'green';}") Not sure how to change the color of background dynamically, but you can use another widget and connect it's signal to update the color. Cheers!
  11. Load new instance of houdini from current scene

    While on this topic, how do i do an event callback for the new instance? I can do it for the current scene using hou.hipFile.addEventCallback(self.some_hip_event) But been trying to add one before it loads another new instance.
  12. How do you load a new instance of houdini from current scene's shelf tool? hou.hipFile.load(path) loads to current scene.
  13. collisionvel by group (flip)

    Hey ppl! So in a standard flip simulation, i'm sourcing collisionvel (vdb) from a source volume. How do you apply that collisionvel only to a particular point group? Not sure what i have to modify in the flip solver or is there a easier way to control this? Thanks!
  14. Trigger a state with another state

    Solved it! Had to use a sop solver under crowd source. For some reason the crowd trigger weren't updating the particle attributes. Guess it can only read already updated ones.