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  1. Houdini Ash decay effect

    Hi All, Does anyone know how to do a ash decay effect, Like in the film Blade, where the ash spreads over the body turning to ash, and slowly breaks up more and more. Is this acheivable in Houdini, or do i need to go the 3DSMax/TP route. As the only way i can see to do this in Houdini, 1) large frags with constraint (frag1), then smaller frags (frag2), then tiny frags (frag3), break frag1 on impact, then frag 2 on seconary impact, then over time break frag3 (as TP has activation spreading, not sure how Houdini does that) Thanks
  2. converting TP into Houdini

    Hi All, first thing i would like to ask, in TP you can assign a stdshape, fill it with points, then fracture another object based on the points in the volume of the first object. How do i do this in Houdini, as you can shatter, but i am after specific areas being fractured, any ideas Many thanks
  3. Hi All, This may have been asked before, but i am ok with Cebas TP, what i am after is the equal in Houdini. InMesh, VolumeBreak, Distance, Fracturing only a specific area of a mesh, positionBorn on just fractured edges etc.. is there any document or examples, as i would like to convert my old TP scripts into Houdini. Many Thanks
  4. Horror VFX

    Hi All, Quick update, i have been playing with FEM and animations, i have the soft body sort of worked out, i am after some heads up on making slime. What i would like is a tenticle to shoot out and stick to a surface, when retracted see it close up leaving a sticky slime trail, as it pulls away the slime slowly pulling apart. Any clues or ideas? My guess it would be some kind of fluid, but how to make it stick to surfaces, im not sure. but so far houdini, is fun and a bit mind blowing , but so far so good.
  5. Horror VFX

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and Houdini, I have moved to Houdini from 3dsmax mostly, but am after a clean start to try and do the whole thing in H. My main interest is doing sci-fi/Horror VFX, but i am finding any information/tutorial hard to find. I am after anything to do with limbs being chopped/ripped or whole body zombie FX (i know it will have to be running cloth/fem/rigid bodies and fluid/wetmaps all at the same time) iI am confident using Pftrack/Nuke to composite/3d track/object track. so i guess i am after 3 main tutorials. FEM - slime/organs Fluid - blood with wetmaps Skin tear -cloth then running multiple sims that interact. Any help would be appricated.