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  1. Problems with Upres and pyro cluster

    anyone ever figure this out? I have the same issue.
  2. Hi there, I hope that I am posting in the correct place so please forgive and correct me if I am not. My issue: When I render an image from Mantra it doesn't match the image rendered from Maya/Vray. I used a Vray physical camera, did the whole "duplicate camera, scale to 1, constrain and bake keys then exported as alembic" thing and imported that into houdini. My renders do not match at all. Would anyone here know how to resolve this please? Thanks, B~
  3. Maya renders and Houdini renders are not matching

    So, I am having the same issue but am using Vray physical camera in Maya. My renders are not matching up at all. I've got my camera scaled to 1 after grouping then parent constraining & baking keys. Seems to work with a regular maya camera but not with the Vray physical camera ticked in extra attributes, and I've already spent 2 weeks rendering in maya. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to resolve this? Thanks