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  1. Basic Vellum Draped Stitched Cloth Vest

    Hi I made a simple adjustment to your setup based on what I think the drape workflow should be, I also reduced the cloth thickness as it was to large for the scale of this character. Js ap_basic_vellum_drape_vest_js.hipnc
  2. Random link of interest

    found this on two minute papers, nice to see John Lynch in the acknowledgements!
  3. [SOLVED]Mantra Bad Viewport Good?

    Just wondered about the prim normals as we often have issues, especially if we get models from 3dsmax users, but if it renders fine on its own then they should be good. Looking at the pic above, is almost seems there is double geo being rendered? I'm guessing thats why the axis is rendering to, maybe its a bug like Marty suggests..
  4. [SOLVED]Mantra Bad Viewport Good?

    what software is the model created/modelled in? just wondering if the prim normals are inverted?
  5. Random link of interest

    some course notes/slides already available! http://blog.selfshadow.com/publications/s2015-shading-course/
  6. Houdini 15 Sneak Peek

    Why would you need to export particles to render in Krakatoa? Mantra can handle it!
  7. Houdini 15 Teaser

    I would say that the bottle caps are just showing some of the new features....maybe...
  8. Houdini 15 Teaser

    don't you mean: http://www.wikihow.com/Peel-an-Onion-Quickly
  9. Random link of interest

  10. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    looks like these threads have become a race to see who posts the wishlist first... I think I should create a Houdini 20 wishlist..
  11. Houdini 15 Splash Screen Contest

    Looking forward to a update, but hopefully not to soon..I mean a version up means new licenses...
  12. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    Hi Sorry I'm unable to send the file I'm currently working on, I'll try set up a simple scene at home if I get a chance. Thanks for the offer. J
  13. Adding Custom Agent To Crowds?

    Thanks Guilherme I was trying exactly that yesterday, writing out full geo and modifying the agent layer files, well I was writing out multiple layer files, but that didn't behave properly. Probably just due to naming confusion... I have a layer file for "shape": "default.geo" and one for "shape" : "default.hat" I'm trying to vary them using a random layername string attribute.