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  1. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    Yeah probably me lol. This is from 2018
  2. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    The big one, so before the big orange blob starts or after
  3. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    The main one
  4. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    There or directly before or after the for loop, experiment a little till you get the look you want.
  5. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    Try crank up the resample lifetime a bit and the lifetime variance down to 0 because that is working for me. You can also but a time shift with the expression in it to make it more drastic: rint($F/3)
  6. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    Is your emitter still moving? It will follow it because that is how it is set up. You would either need to make the emitter static or make the changes to how it sources the start points.
  7. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    To do that you will need to modify it a bit, if you allow editing of contents and then find the 3 noise attribute VOPs inside the for loop then add these two nodes and change the divide constant amount to change the speed it changes edit: you will also need to turn lift to zero
  8. Procedural Lightning Tool | Gumroad

    Hi Shiv, Thanks for the purchase, glad you are enjoying it. The resample lifetime controls how often the bolt will find a new contact point or do you want them to remain completely stationary for a few frames at a time?
  9. Maybe check that that you have the correct Houdini Engine license installed, you can "buy" it here for free https://www.sidefx.com/buy/#houdini-indie Otherwise if you send me your HDA file I can have a look.
  10. What license of Houdini are you using?
  11. Yes, it's just a regular HDA that you can allow editing of contents on
  12. Weird, not sure what would cause that. Thank you, glad you are finding it useful.
  13. Procedural Caves WIP

    Thanks. I was able to make nice clean UVs for this because the mesh is actually very uniform. The ground/ceiling is just mapped to a grid based on its position, and the wall the all the strips of mesh that have the same amount of polys vertically. For your problem, the best solution I can think of off the top of my head would be group polys based on facing angle/curvature and then breaking those up into more uniform pieces maybe. You might need to look into generating procedural textures to help with seams since you are probably never going to get really clean UVs.
  14. Procedural Ice tool now on Gumroad

    Hard to tell without any error messages and such.
  15. Tree and Foliage Tools

    For this sort of thing I didn't really have any learning resource, honestly the best way to learn(for me anyway) is to just try make things. Start simply, all this stuff is just lots of simply steps layered on top of each other. Doing tutorials will only get you so far, having to problem solve for your own projects will teach you so much more and it will stick a lot better...even if it does take ten times longer to make something to start with lol. Here are a few useful resources though: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini https://vimeo.com/anopara https://www.sidefx.com/learn/getting_started/ also research papers are really useful for somethings, https://www.maa.org/sites/default/files/images/upload_library/23/picado/seashells/introdeng.html like this one I used for my procedural shell tool.