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  1. Hi Community 

    I want to show my result for this topic , before that i want to say i have to finish this work just in 2 week not even 1 day more, so I hope you understand me, 2 week deadline, me, my home PC for work, and a lot of hope for finishing this work in the right time, you can ignore the first 2 min of video and mute the music and narration 

    and thanks to  Johnny Farmfield  and  Luke  for help

    """VIMEO Description 

    This video presentation is about to how work the Dams Disasters in Lorestan/Rudbar Dams .
    I'm done all the 3D parts, ((except first crazy space and solar system ) , Fluid simulation , Compositing and editing in 2 weeks as freelancer at home
    Machine Spec , Dual Xeon 2650 v2 , 32 GB RAM Geforce 960 
    Software Used : Maya,Houdini,Nuke,After,Sapphire,Photoshop,DaVinci Resolve
    Clients : Hara Co 


  2. 4 minutes ago, Federico said:

    You forgot the password for the videos, anyways if you want a floating object on the water you need to increase the feedback value in the solver.

    Thanks Federico , I'm already use feedback scale in my test but my rbd always shooting everywhere, i'll try increase or decrease that but it's not my desired result , I need a complete brief and info about this option to can control it to achieved what i want.  (I learn "En" form Hollywood Movie :D )

  3. Hey guys

    I'm working on a flood effect 

    I want simulate the broken tree inside the flood like flood effect in the Pixar's "The Good dinosaur" movie.

    if you know a good thread or tutorial about this effect please introduce it to me.

    flip simulate test preview 

    PASSWORD = odforce

    Thanks in advance


  4. Hi folk

    I have a little change in my plan (  Dam release shape ) 

    this is my last result (not final steel in progress)

    If you have any idea about this effect please guide me

    password = odforce

    password = odforce

    @Farmfield I'm doing this effect with your suggest but when i understand my plan is changed i have to ignore POP level, because I think POP workflow is not necessary for this case but i'm not sure

    workflow image

    odforce.jpgimage sharing sites

    finally i have a huge flood shot in this sequence and i want be similar to the flood effect at Pixar's The Good Dinosaur Movie, if you have any advice about this effect i am grateful for your help

    Thanks in advance



  5. 30 minutes ago, Farmfield said:

    You forgot to post a link. ;)

    Not finished yet ,Now it's just Houdini construction plan :)

    my mean I'll show it in this thread step by step 



  6. Thanks Johnny for your advice

    I always thinking about my workflow and my tools because every 1 min thinking before every work save hundred hours after start  .

    I have nearly idea about this effect workflow but I need some Consultation with you (freelance working issue)  

    This is my first step

    I hope I can use your very useful advice




  7. Hi community

    I want to create a Dam released Water  Effect , and I want to know which way is better and is correct method for this effect

    1- simulate the water movement with POP then use it as emitter and advect velocity , then create a smoke solver for volume

    2 - simulate the water movement with old fluid solver then use it as emitter , then create a smoke solver for volume

    3 - simulate the water movement with Flip fluid then use it as emitter ,  then create a smoke solver for volume

    4 - simulate the water movement with smoke solver , then use it velocity in a POP solver , then use the POP as a velocity update in Smoke Solver

    5 - just use POP

    6 - Just use Smoke Solver

    7 - Just Flip fluid solver

    8 - or a new way Base on your suggest

    Dam released water reference

    Thanks in advance



  8. Hi mossi  when you have very large scale or huge effect you must breakdown it , it's mean simulate your clothe in separate pass maybe separate collision or even separate solver  , (no one can move a mountain but if you break it and dice it you can) :)



  9. right but it's up to you , if you are surfacing artist this pre build rendermna shader is enough for you  , because it's enough for Pixar artist in Finding Dory , But if you are a shader Developer you can write your own shader with C++  (Shader writing is mean you design a new shading model algorithm and new light behavior structure  , not just using the old shading model as a base shader and write some line of code for assign a pattern or texture to them) 

    Sorry far bad En