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  1. Animate object along Sweep

    A demo of the finished tool is on my site now: http://www.chunkified.com/ and the finished tvc will be up shortly...
  2. Animate object along Sweep

    PERFECT!! I was rattling my brain for hours trying to get this sorted! Your file is definitely getting stored away in my uber folder! lol! What other uses for this are there? Thanks for your help both of you.... Here's some videos of a very early version of the tool:
  3. Animate object along Sweep

    Hey, I tried the whole Look At constraint method and got the same result as the null was still flipping along the curve. I have however by sweeping a line with normals, managed to get the coaster path curve with the normals pointing in the direction i'd like the cars to go. (see picture). Is there anyway to extract normal direction as a set of rotation values that I could pass to somewhere else?
  4. Animate object along Sweep

    Hey Peter... Didn't think of doing it that way! Trying it out now and i'll post any progress. Thanks for your reply
  5. Hello, I'm currently constructing a rollercoaster tool. ~The track is a curve and custom sweep SOP. Problem is that I'd like to animate the cars down the same sweep as there is roll and twists so a standard path animation doesn't work. (see image below) Image link: http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/4753/sweep.jpg Suggestions would be great... Thanks! N
  6. Chunks Render

    I'm having the same issue! Would someone be able to go into this in more detail please
  7. Houdini crack

    lol forums never surprise me
  8. houdini display driver & 3Delight

    just particular preference on this current project i'm working on. would usually do the whole thing in houdini but have had to use maya and rendered using 3delight in maya
  9. houdini display driver & 3Delight

    When I try to install the Renderman display driver for 3Delight it's telling me RMANTREE is undefined? and when I try to try and work on shaders... "renderdl.exe" crashes then it asks me for prman still. HOUDINI_DEFAULT_RIB_RENDERER is set to 3Delight6.5. Has anyone had the same or similar issue? H9.5.290 WINDOWS XP 64BIT 3DELIGHT 7.0 AND 8.0
  10. Particle emission, one per point from source group

    thank for ya'lls input! came up with a hack that uses the haspoint and another group intersecting... will post hip when i've finished the whole shot!
  11. Hey all! I've got a fracturing ground animation and i'd like to emit some debris from a certain area. I grouped the area i want to emit from at SOP level and am using this as a Source Group. More points are added to this group over time. Basically i only want one particle to emit per point in the source group and can't currently do so?!?! Any thoughts on how to achieve this? Thanks
  12. Massive --> Houdini

    http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fi...p;versionid=344 links seems to be working here
  13. displacement problem

    oh and attached is a hip (if it's not there already... skip to frame 85 or so...) disp_prob.zip
  14. displacement problem

    I'm having an issue with the rendering of some displacements... I want to only displace the sides of an extruded set of primitives... but the primitives fray from the rest of the object. (The sides are grouped by a polyextrude node) is there any way to fix this? Cheers in advance
  15. Room fracture

    I've been working on my showreel for a while now and decided to take a break to work on the title card/movie for it Here's some WIP stuff: http://www.chunkified.com/chunky2.avi