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  1. Wow, SideFX support answered within a couple of hours (even on a Sunday!) and solved the problem: Build 15.0.475 solved this problem already! marco
  2. Cool! Didn't know this. Thanks! Other companies should learn from that - they usually don't fix bugs in older versions and want the people to buy current versions of their software products. Makes me happy to be a SideFX customer Marco
  3. Also I reported this as bug again marco
  4. Thanks a lot! I hope this has been fixed in 15.5 - As far as I remember SideFX mentioned that 15.0.459 will be the last production build for version 15.0 Marco
  5. Hi guys, I have a problem using Houdini Indie 15.0.459 - when I try to open a hipnc file (as usually attached in this forum e.g. as example files) I get this dialog mentioning that the Indie license will be downgraded for this session to the non commercial version if I press "ok". When I press "ok", however, I get the same dialog again and again with exactly the same question. Each time the position of that dialog slightly changes to the right side of the sceen but I'm not able to actually reach a point where Houdini opens the hipnc files. When I cancel the dialog the file isn't being loaded either. Is this a common problem? I have searched the forum and google but found nothing... thanks for your help in advance. Marco
  6. Procedural subdivision modeling best practices / your workflow

    Thanks! Yes, I will definitely keep an eye on 15.5 as I just bought an Indie license and I'm totally looking forward to 15.5 as SideFX will open the Indie version for 3rd party renderers as well. Really hope Redshift for Houdini will be available in the not too distant future. Awesome renderer... Marco
  7. Procedural subdivision modeling best practices / your workflow

    Thanks a lot, guys! Konstantin's tutorial is indeed very helpful! Lots of cool tips & tricks here! Marco
  8. Hi people, I'm coming from traditional 3D modeling packages (about 13 years of experience here...) like Maya, C4D, modo, Blender and recently started using Houdini as I'm fascinated by its procedural tools and workflows. When I've been modeling in those traditional 3D applications I usually used that typical box-modeling approach for modeling stuff and used subdivision to get a smooth mesh. I typically used edgeloops to crease certain edges in the subdivided mesh - the usual workflow you are all familiar with, I guess. I'm wondering now about the best practices to crease edges for subdivided meshes in Houdini. How do you guys usually do this in Houdini? I know that I can do the same in Houdini and use edgeloops in my meshes, add a subdivide node and have the same result as in my traditional packages. The main concern is I want to stay as procedural as possible. I can change the position of my edgeloops afterwards in the specific nodes and keep the whole model history non-destructive, okay. I could possible also use the crease node on certain edges and do it that way. I have seen a lot of tutorials now where stuff like stairs etc. are modeled procedurally which is awesome. Everything is being modeled without any subdivisions but with plain hard edges - which doesn't result in very realistic geometry as we all know 100% hard edges do not exist in realilty. Okay, these tutorials are also usually aimed at game developers and in games you usually want to avoid too much polygons. None of those tuts show or even mention how to do the whole stuff with softer edges or subdivision surfaces. So what's your workflow when you want to model something procedurally that's looking as if it's been modeled the traditional subdivision surface way in the end? I'm sure there are ways in Houdini I haven't even thought about and I have just scratched the surface of Houdini yet:) thanks a lot for your help in advance. Marco