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  1. Hi, let's say we have two pieces of geometry. A and B. They touch each other, but they are separate pieces of geometry. Because of that, they have an edge between them. Is there a way to blend the normal values, so that edge is not visible? (fusing is not an option in this case since the point positions on the edges don't line up at all)
  2. Permission Denied?

    Hi I suddenly also had this for the first time, I'm clearly on the MAIN take (there is only one in the scene) I'm now looking inside an HDA when this happens? Does anybody have any ideas as to how to fix this?
  3. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Hi Seba You can already filter parameters based on what is NOT default already. In the right top of your node you can click on that search glass, then on the left a drop-down appears where you can select "non default values" As for mograph, did you already look at MOPS? That's like mograph for Houdini. https://www.motionoperators.com/ Da Costa
  4. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    My wishlist * Multi-threaded CHOPS * Extra nodes in shops such as channel compression (just mule audio waves compression in music), i believe in touchdesigner it already exists. * Better built in code editor * an extra full non procedural modeling system * Bringing COPS up to level with NUKE/Fusion * Better FLIP control for small scenes * Better documentation with more explanations where its needed of example files when applicable * Better hair frizz and bend methods (quick go go crazy) * Better hair clumping node (with more control to not let it start from the absolute root) that being said, sideFX prob came up with stuff I didn't even know i needed : )
  5. New poll by Henning Sanden (flippednormals - About maya users switching to Houdini
  6. New Houdini Python Playlist

    Hi all, I recently started uploading a large Houdini python course/playlist on Youtube. In case you might be interested, there will be a section in there where i'll actively answer odforce python questions The series is called the 'deep dive series' And this playlist contains a free course that will be aprox. 31 to 32 hours long in total. The first few videos about programming with Python were just uploaded. This course consists of 5 steps 1 - (Part 1) The Big Picture 2 - (part 2a) The Fundamentals (13 videos) 3 - (part 3) Full Projects (Multiple Projects from beginning to the end) 4 - (part 2b) Beyond the Fundamentals (More advanced tutorials to be used on a need-to-know basis) 5 - (part 3) Contextualization (Masterclasses regarding all kinds of decisions you can make as a programmer, and interviews with fellow Houdini Python coders) You can watch it here - https://bit.ly/2Pu8gbI (the complete series will be free) Netinho da Costa Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/netinho-r-p-da-costa-b5326985
  7. Whitewater houdini 17

    My problem was solved when using Linux by the way. When windows started getting high in RAM usage it got really bad (crashing). Even on a two 90+ GB ram machines.

    This might be of interest http://linjieluo.com/files/18-SIGA-3DHairSynthesisUsingVolumetricVAEs.pdf However we can now solve this by default in houdini by growing and advecting hair based on volumes with the "guide advect" node set to 'Fill collision field' or 'Fill velocity field'. (given the fact that in a for loop you can convert every hair-card into volumes thsi does not only work for volumes, but also for cards)
  9. Whitewater houdini 17

    Was having exact same problem, when it gets real big, it just crashes houdini I need much more particles as well (using windows 10)
  10. Velocity Field Artistic Control

    Thanks, Much appreciated.
  11. Velocity Field Artistic Control

    Hi Juraj Do you happen to have a simple sample scene with that method for download? I'm documenting different ways to create custom velocity fields, did not come across that one before.