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  1. Texture on Copy based on luminance value

    Konstantin, this is incredible. This is exactly it. Thank you! One last question, mainly to satisfy my curiosity. Why does this have to take place in a material shader, and not just happen in a vopsop after lum has been established. Seems like it would translate there, and then be able to be seen in the viewport instead of only on render, but I've tried to replicate it there to no avail. Curious the reasoning behind this.
  2. Texture on Copy based on luminance value

    Hey Atom, stamp expressions are pretty new to me. I can't seem to get the copy stamp to read the textures at all. I've set up material networks with the textures I need, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything within the Copy.
  3. Texture on Copy based on luminance value

    YES! Seriously, thanks so much everyone. This is all super helpful in trying to get grasps on different ways I can go about this. VEX is pretty new to me, and trying to get a better grasp for it. Konstantin, this is super close! And it's really helpful to see a lot of the parts I was missing. I was able to work it into what I had in my head. But ideally I'm trying to be able to feed a single image per luminance range, and be able to add any amount of ranges that could each correspond to an image. Any direction on how to best go about doing that? Again, thank you! Loving this program.
  4. Texture on Copy based on luminance value

    Post is a little wordy, so on a more concised level: Is there a way to map a texture on a per copy basis, based on some factor(i.e. luminance)? Seems like I keep getting stuck with the texture mapping and stretching to the 16 x 9 grid, when I want it to look at each square and texture that.
  5. First post, and pretty new to Houdini (coming from C4d). What I'd like to do is have a flat grid of polygons that are acting as "pixels" whose color is driven by an underlying image sequence. That much I have been able to figure out using a grid of points, and then mapping a simple 1x1 square per point. I've been able to get a color per copy based on an image sequence as well, using a vopsop. What I'd like to do, is for each copy, read the luminance or color value, and be able to map an image to certain ranges of luminance. (example: black - nothing, gray - small circle, white - big circle) What i've tried so far always maps the pixel image to the whole grid, and not to the individual square. Any direction would be wonderful!! I could be heading in the complete wrong direction with this. I'll attach my hip, but without the image sequence it'll be hard to see what's going on so far. I'll upload a video as well showing the basics of what's happening so far. Pixel Grid.hipnc example.mp4