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  1. Hi all! I have an Alembic Archive camera. I want to convert it or Export it as a .fbx camera so I can import it into Unreal 5. I'm having some issues. I've been trying to bake the keyframes into the camera and then export but the keyframes dont show up in Unreal when I import the .fbx camera I exported onto the CineCameraActor. I'm following this video. It didn't work since my camera shape is buried in my Alembic Archive network, or at least thats my theory. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys. I found some code on this game dev site function intersect(a, b) { return (a.minX <= b.maxX && a.maxX >= b.minX) && (a.minY <= b.maxY && a.maxY >= b.minY) && (a.minZ <= b.maxZ && a.maxZ >= b.minZ); } I need to recreate this in VEX for packed primitive bboxes. It doesn't have to be this method. I just need a really fast efficient way to detect a collision between moving bounding boxes and returning a 0 or a 1. Its in a scene thats going to be using the bboxes of a package containing many instances of trees, getting copied onto points on 2 colliding surfaces, hence the need to want to keep it packed for efficiency. Not sure how to fit this into vex. Any advice would be great Cheers
  3. Dynamic Lunar lander

    Hi guys. You remember that old lunar lander game? I need to create that type of effect in Houdini. I have a zeppelin with 2 thrusters on either side, near the middle and below the halfway point. I want to take velocities from these 2 points, aimed at about a 45 degree angle, downwards and away, and use it to make the zeppelin dynamically float bob and pivot based on the velocities. Does that make sense? I'm having troubles figuring out where to start. Would it be a dops sim or could I do it all in sops. Cheers!
  4. Help with advecting particles by a smoke sim

    I think I figured it out. I wasn't importing the velocity. I was trying to get my velocity values from an opinputpath expression to my object merge plugged into my popnets 2nd input, and my object merge was merging in my import pyro fields but it didn't like it for some reason.
  5. Hi guys! Im doing some final touch ups on a project and I need some help with some particle behavior. Im re-creating a seahorse giving birth for a crowd and particles project and the babies (particles) look like they are shooting out like a machine gun but in the reference they are coming out more in bursts and are swirling around (being underwater of course). Im controlling the impulse birth rate and impulse activation in CHOPs (inside an OLD POP net) and I cant find enough docs or resources on how the advect by volume works in old pops. I tried to re-create Tokerus advect particles setup in my old pop net but to no avail. Ill provide the reference, what i have currently rendered and my .hip file. That would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks alot guys. Let me know if you have any more questions or if you need more info heres a link to the reference video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_nEA3dtOZs and heres a google drive link to what I have managed to come up with so far https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-mSmcQH6CSgNkp4NTlzRjg1Z0U Cheers Seahorse_Project_for_ODFORCE.hipnc
  6. Hi guys! Im making a sim of a tank driving through a house. I have the walls built to real world construction specs. 16" o.c studs, exterior stone, 5/8" drywall. Now I want to add some soft, tearing, pink fiberglass insulation in between the studs that the tank can rip through and leave some hangy fiberglassy things behind, and take some of it with him on his way through. Can anybody point me in the right direction... Thanks!
  7. I got it! Just have to go to view - show hidden files in your folder window, make a .font folder in your /home folder in Ubuntu. Just drag your .otf's or .ttf's into that folder, I restarted Houdini, (and my pc, not sure if it was necessary) and it worked!
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to import some true-type fonts to use in COPS in Houdini 15. The SideFx doc says "Type 1, TrueType and OpenType fonts can be used. Houdini automatically scans the system and user font directories for compatible fonts." I installed some fonts in Ubuntu and restarted the computer, and Houdini but no luck! Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  9. A shader a studio would get an FXTD to make?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I picked my shader. I'm going to do a procedural honeycomb shader. Ill post up in the WIP thread once I get something going
  10. Hi guys I just joined the forum and this is my first post! I'm an FXTD student learning houdini and I have a shader assignment that I will be beginning soon. I have a few ideas for a shader but I wanted to pick one that would have some relevance to an actual studio production. Can anyone speak up, and give me a few examples of shaders that you or someone you know may have built? I was thinking of maybe some burnt flesh (burning a steak or side of pig with a torch) Im not really sure what kind of materials and shaders would be done by texturing or look dev and which ones would be done by an FXTD, No simulation shaders, just for an object.... Thanks for the help!