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  1. Pyro (Billowy Smoke) Collisions with OBJ Geo

    Mate even after reading that link a few times I still cant understand how to make the smoke collide with the geo. I dont know if that is all relevant since im not moving objects through the smoke. I created a Source Volume node and merged with the default Source Volume node, changed it to Collision. The smoke stays still and does not move now. I had a look at the scene file they included in the link and I still cannot understand it. If anyone has the time to produce a very basic scene with smoke colliding with an IMPORTED OBJ objects I'd really appreciate it. Cheers
  2. Hi, Im working on a desert scene with a dust cloud blowing over some nice sand dunes geo. No matter what I do the pyro keeps clipping straight through the geo. The weird thing is this did happen with particles. Heres some of the things I've tried: Selecting the geo and making it a Static Object, Selecting the geo and making it a Terrain Object, Ticking the Use Deforming Geometry box, Ticking the Create Active Object box, Unticking the 'Use Volume Based Collision Detection' in the Collisions/RBD Solver tab. Changing Offset Surface from 0 to 1, 2 or 3. Im guessing there are some nodes that I will need to work with and connect up in order to produce a better collision but I do not know where to start. Any help appreciated, Thankyou Charlie
  3. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    Thanks Atom, I realized I had to change the collision to surface, not volume, which solved most of my problems haha. Thanks for all the tips!
  4. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    Okay understood In your example earlier, the particles are only reacting with the groundplane you have created, not with the geometry. The particles need to be blown across the geometry above the dunes either side of the road. Unless I am missing something this does not solve the problem of the particles clipping through the geometry. Sorry I must be missing something
  5. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    Okay so correct me if I'm wrong. You've created that 'Geo_Collision_floor' node, which has merged the ground and the road geo together, and thats what you have made a static object with in the DopNetwork. Im unsure how those delete nodes work. How are you selecting individual parts of the geometry and applying them to each delete node?
  6. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    Thanks Atom, I've been using a Null done to scale it by 0.01 . Is using a transform node better? Is the duplicate geometry able to be deleted within Houdini or do I go back across to the original Maya file and remove it there? I'll be working on this, this time tomorrow so I'll let you know if I come across any more issues. Thankyou! Charlie
  7. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    Okay understood. I still can't get the geo to work with particles or pyro, they continue to pass straight through. I'll attach the geo as an OBJ. Would you be able to have a look and see if it works for you? Thanks for all the help. Charlie New_Desert_Geo.obj
  8. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    I might be doing something wrong with the ROP Output Driver. So I made a geo node, and inside I set the geometry file in the file node to my OBJ geo. I then made an ROP Output Driver, linked it to the File node, and then hit 'Save to Disk'. Houdini then saves each frame, but how do I go about actually using this? Do I select the Geo node on object level then hit Static Object then go from there?
  9. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    Hi Atom, The bgeo.sc file seems to be working fine, however I cant seem to get it to work with particles/pyro. Usually I would select the geo, then click 'Static Object', then in AutoDop, select the geo then tick 'Use Deforming Geometry'. This does not seem to effect the geo. How would I go about setting this geo up so particles can collide with it? Thanks, Charlie
  10. Houdini caching large OBJ geo files

    Thanks Atom, Helped me out earlier in the year and you've done it again. I'll give this a crack and get back here if there's still problems. Cheers
  11. Hi, Im working with a pretty complex OBJ file which I'm going to be running some dust and smoke effect over. (theres rocks and signs etc). However the file is really slowing down the sim and its impossible to work with. I've read that you can change 'File Mode' to Automatic and it will cache the geometry permanently to disc, but it will not let me change it as it is greyed out. What is the best way to use my geometry but not let it slow down my dust sim after changing it to a static object. New_desert_geo_edited_v002.obj
  12. Houdini Alembic camera import sizing

    Ohhh I didnt realize I could just copy and past the node into my project haha. You've solved a 3 day problem thanks mate
  13. Houdini Alembic camera import sizing

    Hi sekow, In your example file, I dont see where you have placed the initial alembic camera? If my alembic camera is on object level, do I placed the fetch and blend nodes on object level and connect them to the alembic file? Or do I go inside the alembic file and then create the nodes? Thanks Charlie
  14. Hi Thanks for the reply, I've managed to do everything except "zeroing out all transforms". How do I do this? Also, when you say duplicate, do you mean copy? as in select - ctrl c -ctrl v the camera? Does the new camera stay connected to my original null node? Thanks
  15. Hi, Im trying to change the scale of my Alembic camera in Houdini. I have tried using the null node at object level, but it causes issues when I try to render some ocean. I see that you should be able to change the uniform scale deep inside the alembic file in xform. The Uniform Scale is stuck on 1, I cannot edit it (the 1 is inside a yellowish box) which seems to be why I cant change it. Any help appreciated, cheers Charlie