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  1. Hi there! I'm trying to implement a compile block in this intersection analysis bellow (see example attached) At the left you will find a single thread setup and at right the multithread version. I'm trying to find a way to make the multicore setup to work. I've already seen the compile SOPs masterclass, but I couldn't find an answer. The STOP CONDITION seems to be unsupported until the date of the masterclass, but even disablying it, still not working. https://vimeo.com/222881605 I'm doing a project with a lot of this kind of work and I'd like to improve the processing time. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! Cheers! Marco intersection_analysis_01.hiplc
  2. Vellum Grains interaction with Hair/Curves

    The problem with this aproach is that is not mutual, as I explained. You are only using the RBD already simulated to collide with the grains.
  3. Vellum Grains interaction with Hair/Curves

    Hey Noobini. Thanks for replying again! Agree that with grains doesn't seems to work... Other situation that I was trying to interact with Vellum Grains without sucess is RBD. For example if we wanna put some rock to interact in the middle of a grain simulation. A way that I found is to constraint some of the grains to be solid, but the problem is if you want to use a specific instance geometry. If someone know a way how to make it work would be great to know.
  4. Vellum Grains interaction with Hair/Curves

    Ahahahaha. Thanks for sharing the felling.
  5. Vellum Grains interaction with Hair/Curves

    Since hair has a thickness attribute based on pscale too... I don't think this can be the problem.
  6. Hey Guys! I'm trying to find a way to interact Vellum Grains with curves using Vellum Hair/Cloth. Attached you can find a test scene where you can see an simple example. In this example there is a switch node with three different setups: 1) Hair 2) Grains 3) Cloth My goal is to have both interacting with other, in a mutual setup. But only grains seems to work... But not as I expect, cause I'd like to have a stiffer line behaviour. I know hair can give us this, but how to make them interact? Thanks a lot! Cheers. grains_interaction_test.hiplc
  7. Crowd Training Sources

    Does anyone knows a decent training source for learning fly crowd simulations in Houdini?