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  1. Render Pass Setup?

    Thanks. I suppose its going to be a matter of trial in and error on some simple production scenes to find out whats going to work for me. AD really screwed the pooch in my option on their new implementation. Hopefully this is something that the folks at SideFX can put a bit more thought into as well.
  2. Render Pass Setup?

    Hi. I'm new to Houdini. I used Softimage for 20 years then went to Maya but am giving AD the bird and learning Houdini. Something I haven't found is a clear definitive guide on how to set up different render passes in Houdini. I see a few different approaches but none seem like the THE definitive way it should be done. Is there a tutorial or video or something about the best way to do render passes in Houdini? Thanks! Lawrence * I originally posted this on the SideFX forums but got no response