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  1. Find nearest point once

    use near point vex function and use point group to exclude the same particle.. int nearpoint(<geometry>geometry, string ptgroup, vector pt)
  2. Hi, i am trying to achieve the reference footage and what is in the image. https://cgsociety.org/news/article/2788/fx-tips-and-tricks-with-andi-kadiu while debris is moving ahead velocity needs to be negate in pyro... as u can see in my playblast its looks simple trail(snaky behaviour in flipbook)....and if you see refrences there is specific pattern in the smoke some kind of circular trail(red color marked in ref image) leaving behind...i am struggling with this for few days....if anybody can help or put some information here that would be great....i have attached test hip file and refrences. kindly have a look..thank you in advance flipbook.mp4 pyro_trail_v001.hip pyro_trail.mp4
  3. Crawling insects coustom solver issue

    ThanX alot Hernan Ya sure i will add noise...and very soon i would be ready to show it..
  4. Hi,I am working on crawling insects solver and actually i need your favour,there are some issues,actually particles leaving the surface after some level of accel...i dont understand why its happening... plz can u tell what i am doing wrong...and also any other suggestion is also welcomed...Thank you for your precious time PFA Nashrat Shahi test_v01.hip
  5. matrix rotation issue

    Hi, I am trying to give little banking in my flying object.......so i have created a 3 by 3 matrix,gave an angle and an axis in the direction of velocity....and then used it in vex as a rotate matrix.... vector axis = normalize(@v); vector matx = cross(axis, {0,-1,0}); vector maty = cross(axis, matx); matrix3 m = set(normalize(matx),axis,normalize(maty)); float angle = fit(sin(@Time * 0.5 + fit(random(@ptnum),0,1,0,360)),-1,1,-45,45); @angle = radians(@angle); rotate (m, @angle, axis); @orient = quaternion(m); i want to know is there any way to print the value of rotate matrix?? i did the same thing in vop sop and its working but here i face some issue. what's wrong i didn't understand.
  6. Hi, In my scene i used cross product in vex for rotation. But i want to know how can i control rotation or give more randomization in rotation. And while rotation points also progressing in all axis,so how can i control or restrict points from moving in negative y-axis. And i want to restrict points inside the points scattering box, if its possible then plz share the idea. Plz help me to resolve it and found attachments below .mov and hip file. Thank you. vex_test_v001.hip vex_test_v01.mov
  7. cone_constraint_problem

    ok i'll check it out...
  8. cone_constraint_problem

    Hi, I am facing problem in cone twist constraint as you can see in my video that after hitting chunks or debris keep spinning....i don't know why......Can anybody tell me the reason and also the solution of problems... Thank you cone_constraint_prblm.m4v
  9. How to influence normals?

    Thank You Tomas it will be very helpful for me!!!!
  10. Glue Constraint Problems

  11. Glue Constraint Problems

    Thanx alot Tomas....i am using Houdini 14..... As u told i had changed the default constraint network expression and it worked.... constraint_solved.mov
  12. How to influence normals?

    Tomas I have tried point wrangle its working....Can you tell me plz if i want to do the same thing by using vop sop what should i have to do???????
  13. Glue Constraint Problems

    Hi, I have two questions....first, why the objects in yellow circle(as shown in image) which are glued is behaving abnormally,actually it should flow with movement of ball but it's still glued and i have tried many values of glue constraint and spaecially at the corners its behaving weird?? Second, why the whole house is getting influenced and started moving on the hit of ball instead of only collision area as shown in .mov playblast ? Thank you.. pb.mov
  14. How to influence normals?

    Thanx alot Tomas!!!