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  1. Is moving to Australia reasonable?

    As junior you have low chances to emigrate, but try to speak with recruiters about it.
  2. scatter points on animated mesh

    attribute interpolation faster and easy )) enable at scatter primuv and primnum and interpolate...
  3. Attribute copy pscale from a point wrangle

    plug sphere to point wrangle and wright f@pscale=5.0; you no need copy for it if you want copy attribute from another geo to sphere you should use attribute transfer
  4. Vegetation using bullet

    Any chance to get a scene?
  5. connect one rope to another

    The wire constraints is point-to-point, so you should find closest point for each first point of the branches on the trunk. Then create new point at position of the closest one, add it to branch, and then you can use wire glue constraint in solver, using points numbers you are found. here you can find everything you need )) https://www.fxphd.com/details/431/
  6. Constraints, custom velocity and active attribute

    There are a lot of way of working with glue. First one it use impact object and its basic way. Second one its delete glue manually in dop using some attributes or distance to another obj or something else. I never heard about adding custom impact attribute because its internal bullet attribute and easy to use different approaches.
  7. if U R using point deform, decrease points distance and count
  8. Constraints, custom velocity and active attribute

    glue constraint doesn't work with forces and velocities, U can use hard or cone twist for it or manually delete glue bonds.
  9. Thanks Victor, now I understand why my setup not work, this king of setup working only with animated geo, but if switch to deforming one it doesn't work. And problem with packedfulltransform I think, because for deforming obj its doesn't change. So I need find the way to update it. I found how to do it with hard constraint, using primuv for update constraint point position, but its not working for glue.
  10. Can you make simple example? I have animated mesh and I need to constrain to it another fragmented obj and it should follow animation but when collide with another object it should brake.
  11. Tree RIG Sway In Wind?

    Wire sim with trees works not good for me. Its create mess in places where a lot of branches collide. And its happen in 16, in 15 was everything ok.
  12. Hi all, Is it possible to constrain packed RBD objects to the static deforming or animated obj? In TP its work by default without any problems, but in houdini I cant find solution. Thanks!
  13. With vex you can use relbbox function.
  14. Controling scale along a curve?

    float grad = @ptnum/(@numpt-1.0); float ramp = chramp("ramp",grad); f@pscale = fit01(ramp,chf("pscale_min"),chf("pscale_max")); paste it to point wrangle you can use ramp for controlling scale
  15. He told you can send him the message with questions, so sent it to him, maybe he will send you simple version or explain how to do it )