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  1. Reading .env file from a centralized directory

    Packages dir reads before env file, so you need to put json files in each houdini folder or use a wrapper )
  2. particles along surface: surface moves??

    You can do it like this. pop_moveGeo.hipnc
  3. Vellum- collapsing tree-

    Vellum still not best way for simming hard objects. Better use wire sim. More stable more predictable.
  4. Curveu Noise

    You need to find the way to not change topology. Without it will be hard to make procedural setup
  5. [SOLVED] Tree Sim Deform

    Sweep used normals along spline and up vector to orient shapes, by default after dopnet you have orient attribute you need to delete. Use foreach per branch to create shapes and then use it in point deform. In my vol3 tutorial you will find explanation of all aspects of the meshing.
  6. [SOLVED] Tree Sim Deform

    To use curves for deform you need to create geometry using sweep from curves and then plug to point deform.
  7. FEM freeze

    This picture show nothing. Can you provide scene? Why you use FEM for it, better use wires
  8. Retiming VDB vs Retime houdini volume

    To interpolate VDB vel you need to separate vel for three floats x y z. And you need have only density and vel, if there are more floats channels retime will not work.
  9. Matrix and quaternion to degrees problem

    In your case you can make all much simply cogs_automation_problem_fix.hipnc
  10. vdbsegmentbyconnectivity gives what you need.
  11. Tubes to curves

    Something like this. lineFromGeo.hipnc
  12. Copy stamp

    Create orient attribute per point and use copy to point SOP.
  13. Procedural Tree Rigging System and Dynamics complete Bundle! Save 17% buying all three volumes! https://bit.ly/2LC3rPv
  14. Instancing tree leaves?

    You should build matrix fort static leaf and rotate this matrix by matrix from the nearest point on branch.
  15. Procedural Tree Rigging System and Dynamics Bundle - complete tree rigging tutorial series! https://gum.co/UpRQf