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  1. Try sweep SOP or remove orient attribute and create N vector along spline using polyframe SOP
  2. Your rest box already has translation and rotations on it. Invert matrix move object to origin, removing any translations and rotations. reset angle_fix.hipnc
  3. Hi, it is possible remove hair constraint manually? I need to cut rope in few places but I cant find how it works. Information only about weld constraints. Thanks! vellumHair.hipnc
  4. I'm using this: (max(bbox(-1,D_ZSIZE),max(bbox(-1,D_XSIZE),bbox(-1,D_YSIZE)))/2)/sin(2*atan((ch("../cam1/aperture")/2)/ch("../cam1/focal"))/2) bounding box of the render object
  5. Distance from fluid surface should work. You nee calculate distance of the each point to the surface by xyzdistance
  6. Well, thats weird. I have to PCs and on both of them in h19.5 have artifacts. Thanks for checked.
  7. You can create volume based on height and use it as control field, or you can unlock gas disturbance and add height control over there
  8. Hey, I have a problem with aces in 19.5. I've got blue artifacts. The same config in 19.0 works correct. After a week of conversations with support I understand that they are not use external configs and there is no help. If you have h19.5 with external aces profile can you render my scene and check if you get blue artifacts on render? Thanks! bug.zip
  9. You need to adjust edge detail noise. On small pieces some intersections happens.
  10. Hey, how load this file back to the houdini to restore information from file?
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