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  1. No, you need sim all domain with res that your RAM allow you to sim, but each next sim with different seed, then combine and mesh.
  2. What worth to try its make few sims with lower res and combine them, and then mesh result
  3. You can do it like this random.hipnc
  4. Is there any explanation how import external script to the python panel in H19 and python3.x? Looks like old solutions for python2.x doesnt work any more. I created widget in designer and want to add it to python panel but got error.
  5. removepoint problem

    Because removepoint cant remove primitive if it has points on it.
  6. Dynamically Adding Geo to Vellum solver

    use vellum source and turn continuous mode
  7. RDB object and Vellum Solver affecting eachother

    Try using search before asking:
  8. Ways to deal with RBD "popping"(?)

    Yes transform node before dops
  9. Ways to deal with RBD "popping"(?)

    If you have a lot of small pieces often helps to scale up 10 times before dop. Bullet has a problem with small objects. Do not forget to scale up all forces and physical parametrs.
  10. Usually original points in group with name as the emitter node name and points from replicate in group with name as the replicate node name.
  11. Simply pin a RBD on an animated mesh (alembic)

    Glue constraint works with animated objects, all other not
  12. Reading .env file from a centralized directory

    Packages dir reads before env file, so you need to put json files in each houdini folder or use a wrapper )
  13. particles along surface: surface moves??

    You can do it like this. pop_moveGeo.hipnc
  14. Vellum- collapsing tree-

    Vellum still not best way for simming hard objects. Better use wire sim. More stable more predictable.
  15. Curveu Noise

    You need to find the way to not change topology. Without it will be hard to make procedural setup