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  1. Add high frequency noise to tree branches

    You need use leveles on the tree and use noise multiply by this level to make more noise on small branches
  2. Change orientation copied object

    @N its a direction and its align with Z axis of the object. Up vector align with Y axis of the object. Base on it you can create orientation of the N and Up and object in origin point.
  3. Introducing slip control field for viscosity

    Its a float field you can add by sopfield dop
  4. Enable add id in flip solver on particles motion tab. And use id attribute with retime
  5. Stop rotation after collision

    popsolver has collision detection attribute use it for stop spinning
  6. Switch If Input Stream is Geo/Volume

    you can check primintrinsic typename. If it VDB or Volume you can feed it to switch
  7. If object packed just unpack it and all reset automatically
  8. control field/range in pyro

    On smoke object guides tab temperature checkbox. You'll get temperature plane colored from red(hi temp) to green(low temp). In temperature tam you can adjust min/max and find your range, need to sim few frames with low res.
  9. In particlefluidsurface filtering tab final smooth checkbox with a mask by vel and vorticity. Also decrease voxel scale in surfacing. This should helps
  10. Better give a scene. Will be easy to understand.
  11. After boolean in the middle edge you have double points. There is two separate pieces
  12. Animated Wedge Attribute

    You can do it if you create control and on it create attributes animation and use wedge number to take what animation you need and reference this attribute to SOP or DOP object.
  13. Add same integer attributes to the points and geo and use this attribute in piece attribute on copy to points SOP
  14. Hey, can't find any information how to add children on the same tree level. levels separate by forward slash, but if I need more than one item on the level 'text/test' looks like this text> test but if I need something like this? what format for choices? test> text1 text2
  15. No, you need sim all domain with res that your RAM allow you to sim, but each next sim with different seed, then combine and mesh.