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  1. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    @CinnamonMetal Inverse matrix move object to origin {0,0,0} and align z and y axis of your matrix with global z and y axis, So if you haven't matrix of the object in origin point it's not back to origin position, because your matrix, created on the transformed object not aligned with global axis.
  2. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    @CinnamonMetal You want back your object to origin position before translation, but you can do it if you have matrix for this position. If you havent you never get this. Simple explanation is: you can back to position you made matrix for.
  3. compare polygon area before and after deformation fit it and apply to color
  4. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    To back to original position you need to create 2 matrices first for original object, second for translated and use this @P*=invert(trans_mat)*orig_mat; But often you need move translated obj to origin, make something with it and back to position. And what I show you early for this case.
  5. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    So your matrix havent translate. How you build it?
  6. use sop solver to hold this value by checking if @t already >0
  7. Iterate in subnet python

    Wow toolutils cool.Thanks. I found solution with generator null = [y for y in g.children() if y.type().name() == 'null'] but good to know there is function for this
  8. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    if amatrix vector4 you should convert it to matrix. Vector4 its only rotation without translate.
  9. Iterate in subnet python

    Hey, I have subnet in obj with few geometry nodes inside. I need iterate all geo nodes and find all nulls inside each geo node. How can I make this with python? All I have been trying gave me all null nodes in obj context , but I need only from this subnet. Thanks!
  10. smoke trail render

    Copy part of density, apply gradient based on distance to object and convert it to temperature and you got fire at render
  11. smoke trail

    Sure you can, make separate sim or add another source with trails to existing one
  12. How to suck a fluid using a straw ?

    create force along straw...
  13. Space ship reentry effect

    Try to create god pattern with particles, then convert them to vdb. You can use pyro at hottest part. Create few layers of the pattern with different distance to object and you will get nice result. Of course a lot of post work in render and comp to get good look of it.
  14. Need some help with RBD Packed Object

    You're got answer for this at another forum. Why you think you get here something different? You have wrong simstart at dopnet and its only reason your sim doesn't work. If you don't believe me there maybe you will do it here )
  15. bake volume lighting

    Create pointcloud and store value on it, then use volumesample to transfer to volume.