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  1. Destruction of previously animated object

    You so lazy to search at forum? Solution here I found it.
  2. Uprez Pyro with multiple container

    here you can download scene and find how clusters combine
  3. Uprez Pyro with multiple container

    You are not combine them you just merge it. You need to use volume mix o vdbcombine to create one volume. For sim hirez just decrease divsize in dop...
  4. Destruction of previously animated object

    check here
  5. Uprez Pyro with multiple container

    Combine all clusters and uprez one container. But faster is sim hirez clusters...
  6. Pyro Disturbance for high vel

    Adding some curl noise to vel field before dop is right way. Usually I check range of the speed and use disturbance to specific values like 2-4 in range with disturbance 4-6 its usually add more brakes to high speed parts
  7. yes you should increase depth of narrow band layer
  8. Copy multiple objects to multiple point in loop

    use random to delete rbd pieces by id of the input point and frame like this: int id = point(1,"id",0); int idp = int(rint(fit01(rand(id+@Frame),0,numRBDpieces))); if(@ptnum!=idp) removepoint(0,@ptnum);
  9. Attach Flower head to simmed geometry.

    translate function just move matrix to the position qmultiply its the same as multiply matrix but for quaternions, its optional, you can skip this, I need to save initial orientation and use this one.
  10. Attach Flower head to simmed geometry.

    Just take point from stem, if you use wire you have there orient attribute, if not calculate matrix, and apply matrix to flower head. If you dont need orient you can use just matrix vector4 orientr=quaternion(3@rot); //matrix for flawer head vector restP = point(1, "restP", point.number.from.stem); matrix m = set(qconvert(orientr)); translate(m, restP); p@restorient = orientr; vector4 orient = point(1, "orient", point.number.from.stem); orient = qmultiply(orient,orientr); vector pos = point(1, "P", point.number.from.stem); matrix t = set(qconvert(orient)); translate(t, pos); matrix r = invert(m)*t; @P *= r; @orient = orient;
  11. Working only perlin, simplex and all below it
  12. impact data after sim

    You can use intersect with some distance and find position at primitive where collision happen.
  13. Lockheed Martin (Suffolk, VA)

    There is no information about citizenship must have for this kind of job. It's possible to get position without US or Canada citizenship or permit?
  14. Field Force versus Gas Advect

    in volume source use vel as destination field and you no need advection.