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  1. calculate gradient and use it for noise you'll get nice result ))
  2. Use foreach for branches and create gradient along curve and use it for width.
  3. Pyro/Flip velocity exchange

    Here the answers
  4. Magnetic iron filings

    create magnetic like field and use it for particles to build this. Look at forum, here was topic about magnetic field.
  5. Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family

    Autodesk and Adobe two evil corps )))
  6. simple large scale smoke plumes

    Smoke should be heavy, disturbance should be clumped by vel or temperature. Find explosion tutorial. It's a basics of pyro.
  7. simple large scale smoke plumes

    use shelf tool to create base sim and you will get what you want. Then start modify it...
  8. just wright position to attribute and after moving to origin apply stored position attribute to @P;
  9. Orientation of Cube

    you should create matrix and orient it.
  10. Is moving to Australia reasonable?

    As junior you have low chances to emigrate, but try to speak with recruiters about it.
  11. scatter points on animated mesh

    attribute interpolation faster and easy )) enable at scatter primuv and primnum and interpolate...
  12. Attribute copy pscale from a point wrangle

    plug sphere to point wrangle and wright f@pscale=5.0; you no need copy for it if you want copy attribute from another geo to sphere you should use attribute transfer
  13. Vegetation using bullet

    Any chance to get a scene?
  14. connect one rope to another

    The wire constraints is point-to-point, so you should find closest point for each first point of the branches on the trunk. Then create new point at position of the closest one, add it to branch, and then you can use wire glue constraint in solver, using points numbers you are found. here you can find everything you need )) https://www.fxphd.com/details/431/