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  1. I found time to make vol1 of this series. So now you can pay less and for part you need. I remake a lot parts and add more content. In vol2 I planning to add vellum sims for tree and leaves. https://bit.ly/3j6vT6v
  2. Randomly scale down particles with a linear field

    You can modify it easy to get what you want int f = rint(fit01(rand(@id),0,20)); int rnd = rint(fit01(rand(@id+54),0,20)); float p = fit(@Frame,f,f+rnd,1,0); @pscale*=p;
  3. Randomly scale down particles with a linear field

    int f = rint(fit01(rand(@id),0,20)); float p = fit(@Frame,f,f+20,1,0); @pscale*=p; This example for random frame start, but you can modify it for your needs.
  4. @pscale for vellum grain?

    Make constraints after randomizing pscale, not before. But you will get the gaps because constraints not rigid.
  5. Remesh witout change point everyframe

    Deform scattered points.
  6. Create group by bbox, then in foreach loop find which objects in group and add them to array.
  7. You should use it for static model at first frame of your animation.
  8. realistic sparks / embers

    There are a lot of wranglers which one? Important wranglers have a name all others are simple.
  9. realistic sparks / embers

    I made sparks setup for you. Sparks_fix.hipnc
  10. realistic sparks / embers

    You should be more specific on your question. Realistic sparks setup is not simple and I think nobody gave it to you or do it for you.
  11. Steven makes really nice stuff, for now I can just suggest to wait until I redo my tutorial and split it for smaller and cheaper parts. I hope to do it during next month or two.
  12. Sparse pyro solver temperature and buoyancy

    I read this topic and not test this yet.
  13. Hey, this course around 6 hours. There is no other tutorials showing what I did in my. All courses used tree models from speedtree or generated in houdini with all necessary attributes. Here I will show how to create this attributes for any tree model and explain what you need to do to achieve this result. Plus all tutorials show how to build wire solver not procedural, my approach fully procedural, you can just attach spines to solver and it will work without going inside. And some interesting part its non-simulated dynamics working in real time. It's not ideal in structure because it's my first attempt and I will redo it later, and may be separate for few parts and make them cheaper, but I have no time to do it now. Thanks for interest.
  14. Sparse pyro solver temperature and buoyancy

    I've tried spars too and got weird smoke freeze during cooling. Looks like it lost velocity with temperature and I have no idea why. Maybe it is some bug in setup now, but without full understanding how it works, hard to fix it
  15. There is setup, I've colored red all changed nodes. Fracture copy fractured pieces to points_fix.hipnc