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  1. disturbance when velocity

    There is the same idea. You can try to modify control in vex gas field VOP or create temp field to use as control field
  2. Boat explosion

    Too much drag at debris, looks unnatural.
  3. Solver SOP issue...

    Show what inside solver sop.
  4. Storing and reevaluating point positions

    Freeze frame and use point wrangle with first input actual points second - freeze one. int pt = findattribval(1, 'point', 'id', @id); vector pos = point(1,'P',pt); if(@P!=pos) do what you need your points should have id attribute
  5. lines in noise (vdb, volume vop)

    Increase VDB resolution, its to low and you see the voxels now.
  6. Converting numerical values to text

    i@count = floor(fit(@Frame,'start','end',0,'number'+.5); start and end - start frame, end frame 0-number - your counter use this in wrangler sop
  7. Converting numerical values to text

    You should be more clarified with your question. But to animate something during the time you can use fit with frames or time, random and a lot of more solutions. If you can explain what you want to do you will get help faster )
  8. pyro detail

    Temperature field has more details, rest field unused IMHO. Better create gradient field and use it like rest.
  9. pyro detail

    Use temperature field to create flame. Combine with heat and noises postsim if needed.
  10. Convert edges to lines, use polyframe to create vectors along this edges, and then create quaternion from N and vector along line.
  11. use 'intersect' function to find point on surface along vector
  12. Alternative to Assembly SOP

    You can use pack node.
  13. Problem with foreach (Anastasia Opara Lake house)

    You should connect locate node to find_closed_balc now you have wrong connection
  14. Put RBD Packed Objects to sleep after certain time

    You should make some condition to disable objects, velocity threshold or distance and use it inside sop solver.
  15. You can cut borders along edges of each piece and fracture them in foreach loop