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  1. Camera auto framing

    I'm using this: (max(bbox(-1,D_ZSIZE),max(bbox(-1,D_XSIZE),bbox(-1,D_YSIZE)))/2)/sin(2*atan((ch("../cam1/aperture")/2)/ch("../cam1/focal"))/2) bounding box of the render object
  2. Use continues in source it will add geometry as it is
  3. Distance from fluid surface should work. You nee calculate distance of the each point to the surface by xyzdistance
  4. H19.5 and aces config - blue artifacts

    Well, thats weird. I have to PCs and on both of them in h19.5 have artifacts. Thanks for checked.
  5. Hey, I have a problem with aces in 19.5. I've got blue artifacts. The same config in 19.0 works correct. After a week of conversations with support I understand that they are not use external configs and there is no help. If you have h19.5 with external aces profile can you render my scene and check if you get blue artifacts on render? Thanks! bug.zip
  6. Gas disturbance control based on height

    You can create volume based on height and use it as control field, or you can unlock gas disturbance and add height control over there
  7. RBD Material Fracture Issue...

    You need to adjust edge detail noise. On small pieces some intersections happens.
  8. Scene As Python Code

    Hey, how load this file back to the houdini to restore information from file?
  9. Matrix transform back to unrotated object

    Yes you can matrixInvert.hipnc
  10. Retimed smoke sim flickering problem

    Where you see flickering, on render or in viewport? If in viewport its ok you need to render and check there. Also, retime works wrong with temperature, density and temperature fields advects differently up to 18.5 H, didnt check in 19 yet.
  11. Transfer Settings From 19 to 19.5?

    Save all you staff in separate folder and connect it through env or packages
  12. parallel or serial connections popnet

    Both the same, if you dive inside popforce you will see how really nodes connected
  13. On mantra try to increase diffuse bounces and check scene size.
  14. any methods to bake camera motion blur for spark FX

    Yes it is
  15. any methods to bake camera motion blur for spark FX

    H19 has sparks setup with MB fake.
  16. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Create volume mask and use it as control field
  17. RBD objects flake from moving object

    Yes, there are two attributes active and deformed for this, when piece should sim active=1 deformed=0 otherwise active=0 deformed=1
  18. (Solved)Output unwrapped texture color

    Baketexture ROP
  19. In sparse solver gravity added by default, drag force need to add manually
  20. As I remember shop context will be remove on next version. All others using extensively so why remove them?
  21. Add high frequency noise to tree branches

    You need use leveles on the tree and use noise multiply by this level to make more noise on small branches
  22. Change orientation copied object

    @N its a direction and its align with Z axis of the object. Up vector align with Y axis of the object. Base on it you can create orientation of the N and Up and object in origin point.
  23. Introducing slip control field for viscosity

    Its a float field you can add by sopfield dop
  24. Enable add id in flip solver on particles motion tab. And use id attribute with retime
  25. Stop rotation after collision

    popsolver has collision detection attribute use it for stop spinning