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  1. Storing and reevaluating point positions

    Freeze frame and use point wrangle with first input actual points second - freeze one. int pt = findattribval(1, 'point', 'id', @id); vector pos = point(1,'P',pt); if(@P!=pos) do what you need your points should have id attribute
  2. lines in noise (vdb, volume vop)

    Increase VDB resolution, its to low and you see the voxels now.
  3. Converting numerical values to text

    i@count = floor(fit(@Frame,'start','end',0,'number'+.5); start and end - start frame, end frame 0-number - your counter use this in wrangler sop
  4. Converting numerical values to text

    You should be more clarified with your question. But to animate something during the time you can use fit with frames or time, random and a lot of more solutions. If you can explain what you want to do you will get help faster )
  5. pyro detail

    Temperature field has more details, rest field unused IMHO. Better create gradient field and use it like rest.
  6. pyro detail

    Use temperature field to create flame. Combine with heat and noises postsim if needed.
  7. Convert edges to lines, use polyframe to create vectors along this edges, and then create quaternion from N and vector along line.
  8. use 'intersect' function to find point on surface along vector
  9. Alternative to Assembly SOP

    You can use pack node.
  10. Problem with foreach (Anastasia Opara Lake house)

    You should connect locate node to find_closed_balc now you have wrong connection
  11. Put RBD Packed Objects to sleep after certain time

    You should make some condition to disable objects, velocity threshold or distance and use it inside sop solver.
  12. You can cut borders along edges of each piece and fracture them in foreach loop
  13. Exploding vellum grains

    Try repulsion 100 or lower. Should help.
  14. weird particle behaviour / attraction

    You should attach the scene file to get help...
  15. @pscale for vellum grain?

    You can make it random if you go inside vellum grain and disable uniform scale at grain sop.
  16. @pscale for vellum grain?

    When you're using vellum grain sop it makes it automatically. Without this attribute grains doesn't work.
  17. Because it should be on primitives not points!
  18. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    @CinnamonMetal Inverse matrix move object to origin {0,0,0} and align z and y axis of your matrix with global z and y axis, So if you haven't matrix of the object in origin point it's not back to origin position, because your matrix, created on the transformed object not aligned with global axis.
  19. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    @CinnamonMetal You want back your object to origin position before translation, but you can do it if you have matrix for this position. If you havent you never get this. Simple explanation is: you can back to position you made matrix for.
  20. compare polygon area before and after deformation fit it and apply to color
  21. Transformation matrix object offset ?

    To back to original position you need to create 2 matrices first for original object, second for translated and use this @P*=invert(trans_mat)*orig_mat; But often you need move translated obj to origin, make something with it and back to position. And what I show you early for this case.
  22. use sop solver to hold this value by checking if @t already >0
  23. Iterate in subnet python

    Wow toolutils cool.Thanks. I found solution with generator null = [y for y in g.children() if y.type().name() == 'null'] but good to know there is function for this
  24. Iterate in subnet python

    Hey, I have subnet in obj with few geometry nodes inside. I need iterate all geo nodes and find all nulls inside each geo node. How can I make this with python? All I have been trying gave me all null nodes in obj context , but I need only from this subnet. Thanks!