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  1. Moving fracture with UV

    this approach is really good. Only thing is ... when you take a look at my setup above. I am driving chunks in a different way so they are kind of rotating around whether with your setup they are pretty much all the time at the same position. thats fine. but they will always keep its rotation. Is there theoretically a way how to also transfer information about rotation? Perhaps to calculate it from position of corners?
  2. Moving fracture with UV

    sorry I messed this reply
  3. Moving fracture with UV

    Would then be possible to achieve similar result after object is fractured? I guess I can just move the points again using noise but how do I prevent them to make some unwanted crazy polygons.
  4. Moving fracture with UV

    Hey thats pretty good. I guess there is no way to prevent change of points cound because the nature of voronoi fracture node and how individual pieces are created, right?
  5. Moving fracture with UV

    Hello Guys, I am playing around with houdini on an extreme beginner level. Nevertheless I made this setup where I have moving fracture pieces over the surface. My question is. Is it possible to make texture stick to those pieces so not only pieces but also the texture flows and distorts itself over time? I so much would love to see that happen but my knowledge is not so deep to understand how could I achieve that. Especially because I assume that its not case of regural fracturing and geometry is different with every frame. I am using standard voronoi fracture node with points scattered into volume and I am making them move with vdbadvectpoints inside of a solver node. Do you think its possible to achieve the texture to stick to the pieces?