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  1. You NAILED the effect. It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing the hip as well so we can learn from it
  2. Brilliant guys. Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks so much! This is a really nice setup.
  4. Hey guys and girls. I have a super noob question, but I'm trying to create a golf ball in Houdini. I can get the divots working fine with a few poly extrude nodes, smooth and subdivide etc. but I'm having issues distributing them over the surface of the sphere properly. Is there a quick way to build this? Thanks!
  5. You can divide the object into 1/4 and place the splines at those points (+/-) that way you're getting equal divisions.
  6. Hey guys! I'm working on a special effects shot for a short film in which a bowling ball hits a windshield and shatters it. I'm trying to get the ball to actually stick into the glass, or possibly go all the way through. The shot will be from the inside of the car, so I may end up tracking the render to the live windshield footage - or if all else fails I'll just do it practically. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do this sticky glass windshield kind of thing in Houdini? Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much! That's a great start for what I'm needing. I'm having two issues though: 1. On render the volume is very transparent, and almost non-existent. Is there a way to beef this up? 2. The speed is about three times two fast, is there a quick way to slow it down? Thanks!
  8. tweekskratch


    Hey all, I'm looking to emit some steam from the surface of a coffee mug. I'm a newbie so any help or direction would be awesome. Thanks! JL
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