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  1. How to merge poly points correctly ?

    Hi there, It's a good question, I think, as long as your poly is open it need 2 vertices for the point 0. If you put a clean after you close it, it get rid of the vert. no4. Same if you fuse it after closing it. Someone plz correct me if i'm wrong. Gabriel
  2. Vex Expression Question

    Hello, I'm not very familiar with this type of code but if you replace the "1000" with a variable that change after f.50, I think i'll do the trick. float nb = 50; if(@Frame > 50) { nb = 1000; } force *= @id < (@Frame * nb); Also, if someone could take the time to explain me this type of code I would be glad to know a bit more about it! Gabriel
  3. Custom Shape Volume

    Hi, I'm not sure I fully understand what you're trying to achieve there. The volumetrail is not working in your case because it need a vector volume (velocity) to create trail on a set of points, not a density. Gab. volume_trails_02.hiplc
  4. Custom Shape Volume

    Hi, Of course it depend on what you want. For a basic fog I would use a vdb_from_polygon. VDB's are quite optimise. IsoOffset is good if you need traditional volume. The fluidsource is good if you need a simple way to "dop" your geo (emission, collision etc.). Gab.
  5. Volume mixing with VolumeVop

    Hi, Here's a little example on how you can approach this. Let me know if you need me to clarify something. Gab. volume_switch_01.hip
  6. Point Between 2 points with Normals

    Hello, I've try something for you. The 'attribwrangle_between_points' is placing point between itself and next point. I've tried to comment the scripts but let me know if its clear enough. Gab. forOdForce_02.hip
  7. Hi Junji, you should take a close look at what's going on when you copy attribute from grid1 to grid2. In fact you're copying the color of each point, number by number (color ptnum 0 -> color ptnum 0) and when you reach point number 10 001 which you haven't in grid1 it begin at 0 again (color ptnum 0 -> color ptnum 10 001). The 2 grids have a different topology so you get different mapping. In your case you're getting kinda the same image because is 100 x 100 and 100*2 x 100*2. If you change your grid2 to 201x201 you'll probably notice that every thing is a bit messed up, that's why. I don't know if i'm clear enough, you can try your setup with 2x2 and 4x4 grids and display points number, that way you'll see what's going on. Gab.
  8. [SOLVED]Removing InLine Points?

    Hi there! In your case that might be a solution. It remove point if the angle is more than a threshold and as 2 neighbours (border in your case). int nn = neighbourcount(0,@ptnum); @dot; if(nn == 2) { int Lp[] = neighbours(0, @ptnum); vector pos1 = point(0,"P",Lp[0]); vector pos2 = point(0,"P",Lp[1]); pos1 = normalize(pos1-@P); pos2 = normalize(pos2-@P); float dot = dot(pos1,pos2); @dot = dot; if(abs(dot)>0.995) //0.995 is the angle threshold { removepoint(0,@ptnum); } } I hope it will do the trick for you, Gab.
  9. update variable inside custom function (vex)

    I ikoon, sure you can, here's examples : vector pos = @P; void cl(vector pos) { pos.y = 0; } cl(@P); void clamp01(float cl) { cl = clamp(cl,0,1); } f@big = 1.5; clamp01(@big); // function clamps @big between 0 and 1 f@result = @big; // paste @big to @result Documentation about it Hope it help, Gab.
  10. Turbulance Pyro Help

    Hello, I have a small example of a basic setup that work for me. It depend a lot of what you're doing but here it is. I just convert the collision to volume and put some noisy velocity in it. Hope it help. fire_vel_01.hip