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  1. Junior Student/FX TD Reel

    Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Sharan Vaswani and I am a recent MA graduate from NCCA, Bournemouth University and I would like to apply for a job as a Junior TD. About Me: During my masters I have specialised in SideFx Houdini in areas like procedural animation and hair and fur, I have also dived into areas like modelling, texturing and lighting. In addition to my 3D knowledge I have also used Nuke and After Effects as well basics in Fusion. Other software include Autodesk 3Ds Max, Gimp and Adobe Premiere. I have completed my internship at Create Advertising as a Graphic Intern where I have advanced knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop and basic Knowledge of Cinema 4D and XParticles Plugin. In my past job as a Graphic Designer at Contemporary Clothing I have used Photoshop extensively to create Fashion Prints and designs. I am sending you my resume and showreel for you to review and also forward to the concerned recruiter if required. Showreel: https://vimeo.com/185869738 Portfolio: http://sharanvaswani93.wixsite.com/sharanvaswani Please do not hesitate to query any questions that you might have, you can either email me or call me on my phone. Best Regards, Sharan Vaswani sharan.vaswani93@gmail.com +91 9821041951 Sharan_Vaswani_CoverLetter_2017.pdf Sharan_Vaswani_CV_2017.pdf