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  1. Guide RBD not Working

    - I forget Change End Frame in Guide Setup .. lol
  2. Guide RBD not Working

    Hi Guys .. anyone know why my Bullet Guide RBD not working ? Thanks Guide RBD.hip
  3. Hi Guys . I try to export my vdb cloud to ASS Arnold but when i export , and open ASS File with procedural Arnold hda , can't see anything . i don't know why is that ... any help , i really appreciate that . !!! my Houdini 18.0.416 Thanks arnold export ass.hip
  4. vellum sdf collision

    thanks Tomas work very well ./ yea i have deforming body but this was example for find my problems .
  5. vellum sdf collision

    hi .. thanks Tomas : ) but i have weird collision behavior don't know why . Thanks vellum sdf.hip
  6. vellum sdf collision

    Hi Guys . why vellum collision not work with sdf volume , is have any tips ? Thanks
  7. remove Vellum Constraint by Collision

    any idea ./
  8. remove Vellum Constraint by Collision

    Hi Guys . i create simple ball and animated , then convert ball to Grain and use " attach Geometry " to Read animation Position , but i want when my ball collide with wall or collision stuff remove Constraint Prim Part , i try use simple cheat pointcloud but still don't now how can Run my condition between "Geometry " and "Constraint Geometry" , maybe i think more complicate my mind , don't know how can fixed thanks Milad snowball.hip
  9. Fire Realistic

    Hi Guys . i'm curios to know how Can Get this Fire Result , its Really Cool .. as always BIG Thanks
  10. Better Tornado Result

    thanks really nice ...., i try it and get exactly beautiful behavior ..
  11. Better Tornado Result

    thanks lot's Jesper , that's cool , one question i have how can avoid (fire / turb) behavior around the vortex ?
  12. Better Tornado Result

  13. Better Tornado Result

    lol yes it's work nicely , i don't want to use cheat this time ;))
  14. Better Tornado Result

    thanks Atom , i agree with your idea and i add extra stuff around tornado , it's help lot's
  15. Better Tornado Result

    thanks dude ... i checked already , but i'm looking for tip/tricks in pyro setup how can help to improved my tornado ...