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  1. Particle Radial by velocity Direction

    Thanks alot's anim
  2. Particle Radial by velocity Direction

    Hi ./ i want force my particle in the orthogonal Direction [ cross product velocity ] but when i force , have flat radial particles ./ if see my hip file can better understand what i means .. it's little hard for me explain better thanks a lot's as always Particle Radial by velocity Direction.hip
  3. Volume as a collision doesn't works, why?

    hi / look hip file , change node color to red . VolumeCollision_Test_01.hip
  4. Bend SOP issue...

    Hi / your group must be a primitive class.. /
  5. Quaternion rotations

    check hip File , i tried to explain how Quaternion & matrix work .. maybe help you better understand . Matrix3 & Quaternion.hip
  6. Collision between Multiple VDB [ Advect ]

    thanks a lot's .. it's work very well
  7. hi /; convert bunch of sphere to single sdf vdb and advect by gradient is work correctly but when.. i want to convert vdb to mesh have intersect between mesh , is because is single sdf volume or may not , ... /-\ i decied convert all sphere to multiple vdb and advect , but when advect only effect first vdb i don't why ????? !!!!! i know is expensive calculation (for curios) . thanks as always !/ Collision Multiple VDB.hip
  8. Keep particles inside an volume

    hi /; i try keep point inside the outer force model ./ i read normal of model with primuv and added particle velocity to change direction ./ howToKeepInside.hipnc
  9. expand individual Ballon [Vellum]

    thx again + hip ../; it's very nice video ......
  10. expand individual Ballon [Vellum]

    Thanks alot's Atom. I didn't watch still.
  11. expand individual Ballon [Vellum]

    hey guys ./ i make simple scene for birth balloon with vellum , i want each individual ballon gradually expand . ((with restlength or something else ./ ) thanks a lots Vellum Ballon Birth.hip
  12. i convinced now .. / thx a lot's anim
  13. Particles Density based on Volume

    hi ./ Is useful ? you can bind volume gradient to vector field to see something .... volume trail gradient.hip
  14. hi guys ./ i'm curious to know why sidefx put digital asset solver dop context in sop world like pyro solver or rbd solver ? only for speed workflow or have plan something ... thq
  15. How to remove points from render

    you can remove point with neighbourcount function int neighB==neighbourcount(0,@ptnum); if (neighB==0) removepoint(0,@ptnum);