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  1. Find nearest point once

  2. hi .. use CopyAttr SOP i think Work!!!
  3. Overlapping Curves Offset with PointCloud?

    Watch COMPLEX ROADS Course maybe useful for you .. https://dokaitutorials.com/tutorials/
  4. pcfind method for Falloff Points

    thanks a lots dude
  5. Hello Guys ! i'm new in Vex, and i wanna know how can fix my problems , write simple code with pcfind and find list of points and i need each points is Further less color effect ( falloff Points ) , pls check hip File thanks a lot's Milad.Savar Falloff by Distance.hip
  6. Try Skinning Converter GameDev Tools
  7. Hey Guys !! I want Convert my Mesh Deform to Skin Mesh ./ how can Snap bones on Point Position and Skin Mesh(Geometry + Bone) thanks a lots Milad.Savar Softbody Object.mp4
  8. Group By Range VEX

    Thanks alot bro
  9. Group By Range VEX

    Hello friends I'm new User in VEX How can I save between two numerical intervals , Store all PointID in Group ./ Please looking My Attachment photo ./ Thank you
  10. extracting Point From Houdini Engine in Unity .

    yes Exactly Problems is Pack Sop ,but i don't why in unity have Distort Transformation ,any Way Your hda file lot's help me ,thanks a lots dude ... I use Partition Sop for separate Each Arrow , of Course is little Heavy to Compute in Unity ,but is work Very Well!
  11. extracting Point From Houdini Engine in Unity .

    thanks a lots LaidlawFX is Good Method , But still I have Transform Problem Issue in unity
  12. extracting Point From Houdini Engine in Unity .

    ohh sorry dude , Yes , I need Only separate object each Line . thanks ,sorry for multiple questions
  13. extracting Point From Houdini Engine in Unity .

    yes I need each shape Arrow Position in unity . such as translate, scale, rotate. of Course I packed my Arrow object , but in Unity my transform arrow is broken transformation thanks alot for your help