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  1. dissipation by temperature field

    thanks a lots work very well
  2. dissipation by temperature field

    hey guys , i hope you are all good very well . i want dissipate my density gradually by temperature field when is active area in my container .. any help i so appreciate.. thank a lot as always Milad diss by temp.hip
  3. Import Constraint in DOP ( Vellum )

    Any idea?
  4. Import Constraint in DOP ( Vellum )

    Hey guys .. i hope you are all in Good health & safety I have problems how can import my glue constraint i made it before into new DOP Node for simulation (pin first & last Point) pls check file it complete my explanation importConstraint.hip
  5. vellum: simulate with proxies

    hi Nicola ...;/ Is that's it you want ?? maybe useful don't know .. [ loop is incomplete ] softbodies_proxy.hip
  6. thank's a lot ... that's cool ..
  7. Hey Masoud /; check hip file it's that what you want ? it's not clean way but maybe work ... / I think your start Method can be better for distributions Points Cluster .. CenterOfEachColoni_01.hip
  8. hi , thanks for response . i never work with crowd tools.... i'm curios more chop stuff for learning , i want is break cycle pattern for my all bird (chop is faster and it's easy in stamp time shift and loop in sop but is so slow ) thanks
  9. hi ./ Is Possible in Chop Shift Group of channel by Id ? for example i have lot's bird , each bird have many Point with Motion and unique Id per Bird and i want push left to right the channel.. if checked the hip file can understand better Time Offset Objects Chop.hip
  10. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    upgrade Chop
  11. Lerp vector " hemisphere "

    thanks konstantin
  12. Lerp vector " hemisphere "

    hi guys . first i want to say .. sorry for my bad Drawing ;( .. Is there better way for lerp this two vector Instead of the matrix ? i get it by cross - matrix and rotate stuff in vex ./ any idea maybe quicker ? Thanks As Always
  13. Pyro Sparse Multiple Container ?

    Hi ,./' Still need Use Clustering Pyro simulation in Sparse Method or Not ? Thanks ./-
  14. Particle Radial by velocity Direction

    Thanks alot's anim
  15. Particle Radial by velocity Direction

    Hi ./ i want force my particle in the orthogonal Direction [ cross product velocity ] but when i force , have flat radial particles ./ if see my hip file can better understand what i means .. it's little hard for me explain better thanks a lot's as always Particle Radial by velocity Direction.hip