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  1. Hey Masoud / u can write the position of object into ur pyro solver then the container follows ur object .. / check file maybe help u pyro.hipnc
  2. AfterBurn [ Houdini ] - Volumetric Particles Rendering

    Thank for Many Tip Emmanuel
  3. Hey, Guys .. Is there any Good Approach Render Particles as Volume ? have Really Fast Missile and not able to use Pyro and Prefer to use this Method Thanks for any help in advance
  4. Spinning wheel RBD

    hope help u wheel9.hiplc
  5. Thanks Tesan as always - Isn't the easiest way? i mean without loop why getting offset from the piece ./ Thanks again
  6. Hey guy.. I have some issues I don't know how should I Fixed / I'm getting offset from piece to pivot Center of object when multiplying to matrix here is a hip file - Thanks in advance Pivot Matrix.hip
  7. Guide Ocean Sticky Field

    Any Idea Please ?
  8. Guide Ocean Sticky Field

    Hi - I stuck in Guide Ocean Sticky Field - I need just some part of Ocean to be More Sticky (VEL Advection Less ) another side normal Advection ./ normally when I reading Fog-Volume Field with Gas Collision my Flip sticky work easy but I don't know why when I use this technique in Micrsolver guiding ocean volume is not working - anyone know-how should be Fixed these Issues? I really appreciate any help - Thanks in Advance ...... Guide Ocean Sticky Field.hip
  9. Merge Two Field Data [ Microsolver ]

    Thanks Tesan - nice Approach
  10. Hi Guys - There is anyway two Merge Two Field in Pyro Simulation with Microsolver ? [ I wanna Merge Speed Field and Length Curl Just maximum Value in Field need for Disturb ] I know there is one node Gas Linear Combination but I don't know how can to use that no any better document ? Thanks
  11. [SOLVED] Change Temperature Value by Volume Sample

    Cool / exactly I did before with copy operation and work smoothly
  12. [SOLVED] Change Temperature Value by Volume Sample

    Thanks for the Response - actually No, I need to change my temperature value when density comes out the -1 Area then say go down - but I don't know how Can say my density is inside the SDF or not with Volumesample .. hope gave Right explanation /
  13. Hey Guy - i struggling to Find how I can check density is inside the SDF or not but I don't know how can I achieve that - I try to read SDF Data with GasWrangle but didn't work properly. + HIP File if anyone can help I'd really appreciate Thanks Smoke.hip
  14. Uniform Volume Shader with specular/reflection

    hey Manuel - can share a simple hip file plz or explain a little more?
  15. Hey Guys i wanna to ON-OFF my Display Flag Node by CheckBox on Parameters how can be possible? Thanks in Advance