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  1. something like this? Ask_Copy_With_Variation_In_Order1.hip
  2. FLIP Moves RBD Packed Objects?

    pop advect volumes doesn't help ?
  3. Linear Vertex - Help

    I'm not sure why, Houdini vertex always is a little confusing for me - but if u want to get all vertex u can use primvertices[] .
  4. Linear Vertex - Help

  5. Trying To Understand Sweep and Vertices

    yes, you can use dirty way in add sop - delete geometry keep point - then go the polygon >bygroup >write in name group 0 1 3 2 - never use this way - u must check from the top why u have this issue - and if u have multi primitive in curve use join sop converting to single prim .
  6. vellium attract to matching GEO

    if u put your question into the hip file, others can help u better ./
  7. Trying To Understand Sweep and Vertices

    maybe your curve has more than one primitive.
  8. old popstream tutorial PQ

    quick review I watch, he didn't change the force method in pop attract.
  9. old popstream tutorial PQ

    hi - mark to the red color nodes - check maybe is that your means pop_streams_PQ1.hip
  10. Help: Isolate Corner base on the Normal Direction

    why not try neighbourcount funtion in vex ?
  11. Import Point in Maya

    nice ./ Thanks a lot Tesan
  12. Import Point in Maya

    Hi is any way to import Houdini Point in Maya ? ./ i don't want to use Houdini engine .
  13. Create constraint Runtime

    many thanks Victor
  14. different rotating speed overtime

    different rotation1.hip
  15. Controling force of particles

    you can mask by group or attrib - if you put some test file in here they can better help you .)