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  1. [solved]Filtering string paths by "/"

    python code / drop it in the text editor node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() for count in range(2): for prim in geo.prims(): path=prim.attribValue("path") newPath=path[:path.rfind("/")] prim.setAttribValue("path",newPath)
  2. Rotate orient around velocity vector

  3. import sop in cops (snapshot render )

    thanks a lot Konstantin
  4. hey guys . question about cops , but i don't know is possible or not ;) created many water drip on surface , and want import exact model into the cop ( like we render it top to down ) . I hope I explained well for any help really appreciate waterdrip.hip
  5. Dust effect - car on a dirt road

    my opinion u can use velocity filed in game engine for advect particles , but some times is little dirty way send it and then see it in engine . u can simulate your dust in the Houdini and then use velocity filed for advection particles , when u get believable result u can send your particle (csv point cache -- Niagara ) into the engine with the lab tools . for smoke maybe imposter sprites is better choise for 3d shape , if is possible for your shot . https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/56573/
  6. is simple - but maybe work for you curves.hip
  7. Texture Sheets ROP sample file

    did u try Mosaic Node in COP ? or is not useful for your work
  8. How to stretch lines randomly using Curve

  9. Next Constraint Glue to Hard

    Thanks a lot Romain
  10. Next Constraint Glue to Hard

    hey Guys .. i have problems with the constraint when i want to switch from glue to hard and get the metal behavior , but when i run my sop solver condition i don't know why my code not work correctly. if anybody help i'm really appreciate next_cons_Glue.hip
  11. Resampling in vex

    is lazy way but u can write on the details class and use array function . run over on number = 1 connect your curve path on the input1 ./////// float count=ch("Count_Point"); vector newPos; for (int i=0;i<count;i++) { newPos=primuv(1,"P",@primnum,i/count); int newpt=addpoint(0,newPos); } resample.hip
  12. Houdini / Water along the line

    what about pop curve force node , did u tried ?
  13. RBD to FBX error

    send your file in here .. if is possible
  14. RBD to FBX error

    hi , Packed your Fragment after the simulation and use the rbd to fbx tools see work .. i think can't find the attrib name in your fragment .. cuz it doesn't' exist