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  1. Hey Guys - I have strange Problem i don't know why is that / in Viewport i have left Side Shading and Right Side is Render .. anyone know what problem is please ? Thanks in Advance
  2. hey guys. i have a bunch of clouds in one render node, and how can use cryptomattes without splitting to many nodes? Thanks in advance. Milad
  3. Hey Guys. i have a few explosions and i need to ignore the ground Self-shadow I just Keep explosion shadow on ground .. Thanks
  4. hey guys..... there is any idea for implement Dual Rest in Pyro Sparse ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey Guy - there is any way to load all light into IFD then just a few Light effects on the Image and the rest of them be in the AOV Pass ? im not sure my question is correct ;( i have 2 main lights just wanna effect on my Final image in Exr file and ther then be Auxiliary or like Attribut but actually is real Light . i Don't wanna make two Mantra Node , to do Dirty Way hope my explanation be clear what I'm saying Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks - but i didn't find any Volume Model to feed my Point data To Function - maybe should be materialX VOP , but i didn't know which one shuld i use ..
  7. Hey Guys There is any Idea how to Render Particles as Volume ? in LOP XPU ( i know in CPU Uniform Volume is available but is Really Slow ) . Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey Masoud / u can write the position of object into ur pyro solver then the container follows ur object .. / check file maybe help u pyro.hipnc
  9. Hey, Guys .. Is there any Good Approach Render Particles as Volume ? have Really Fast Missile and not able to use Pyro and Prefer to use this Method Thanks for any help in advance
  10. hope help u wheel9.hiplc
  11. Thanks Tesan as always - Isn't the easiest way? i mean without loop why getting offset from the piece ./ Thanks again
  12. Hey guy.. I have some issues I don't know how should I Fixed / I'm getting offset from piece to pivot Center of object when multiplying to matrix here is a hip file - Thanks in advance Pivot Matrix.hip
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