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  1. Uniform Volume Shader with specular/reflection

    hey Manuel - can share a simple hip file plz or explain a little more?
  2. Hey Guys i wanna to ON-OFF my Display Flag Node by CheckBox on Parameters how can be possible? Thanks in Advance
  3. Scale down ocean guided inputs

    hi - this is not good idea u scale everything - when u import ur model into Houdini just scale 0.01 value (transform sop -- and if your model is correct in meter it will be work ). then continue for other stuff without changing anything
  4. Cone twist constraint stops suddenly

    calc restlength
  5. Cone twist constraint stops suddenly

  6. Destruction of Building

    turn off - cache Sop - and ur alembic file is missing u can see in hip file I just use cluster for constraint to hold big piece and small simple house_Fixed.hip
  7. Hey Guys - Weird Title :)) I have one RBD HIP File I Created but the result is different which I run it in office PC. everything is same except Graphic Card which is AMD and Nvidia ( maybe effects on Simulation, don't know ) Thanks in advance for your help --
  8. Hey Masoud - check hip maybe help u don't need to increase substep above 2 or 3 bcuz 99% of the simulation this range is enough but if u have really crazy speed super fast u can add more .. Surface Tension1.hip
  9. Destruction of Building

    hope useful ;)) simple house.hip
  10. Lost UVs after RBD Unpack

    You can Make Name for ur Object then Transferring with the Original one - is not necessary to use RBD Version for Final Product .
  11. Transforming points along curve?

  12. How do I fix jittering RBD material fracture chunks?

    without hip file is hard to judge - and for freezing, u can drop sop solver inside the DOP Network Constraint and check Angle Soft Constraint value if was bigger some Value change ur Constraint to Glue -1
  13. How do I fix jittering RBD material fracture chunks?

    Hi. Try to Deactivate some areas that don't need to be Sim. and as I can see did u use Next Constraint and last active Contrasint is Hard or Soft, u must back ur constraint to Glue with -1 Value to Freeze your RBD Sim.
  14. Can Share HIP File ?
  15. Hey Guy There is no way to Get an Better Ocean Extend Mesh? ( Edge of the Mesh in Shelf tools setup I saw is Super Crazy to Mange that - I don't know why Houdini not update this old Stuff ) if any plane or tutorial anything I will be appreciated that plz Thanks in Advance
  16. Is Fracture Piece ? if is Yes make sure ur Path is Check ON in ROP alembic ?
  17. Vop mix between many inputs

    what about "spline " Function doesn't help? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/spline.html
  18. Hinge constraint

    hope useful hinge1.hiplc
  19. Hello Guys ./ I wanna use Narrowband Feature in guide Ocean which Exists in Shelf Tools but when I active the Narrowband in Flip and Ocean Source in Sim All Particles Going Down anyone know about this Issue? Someone else ask my question in Reddit but seems didn't Get Answer Thanks in Advance
  20. Hey Guys I Create Some Simple Setup that can import cd to Cop for Masking Texture but I don't know not working properly ((( Idea is Just Masking Texture from Cd Attribute. )) shared hip and image. if anyone knows I'm really grateful. Mask_Texture.hip
  21. Transfer v from cached FLIP to BULLET rigids???

    Hi - try Advecting POP Node - Method Position Voxel and Velocity Inherte Feature maybe get believable Motion From FLIP Velocity ( this method have some issues but try with group pop when ur data voxel is empty to fixed Freeze Motion Issues )
  22. Stop calculating flip fluid just after collision

    Hi - put some simple hip from u work, they can help more.
  23. Noise Mask - Cloud Noise

    Hi . https://entagma.com/quick-vdb-clouds/