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  1. Houdini UI broken on new Dell XPS 2-in1

    Intel released updated drivers on Dec 18th, and they're indeed working now with Houdini Make sure to manually install them using the 'have disk option' in the device manager until Microsoft fully certifies and includes them in their updates.
  2. Houdini UI broken on new Dell XPS 2-in1

    I have contacted Intel and they started to bounce me to Microsoft even if is clearly their driver issue.
  3. Houdini UI broken on new Dell XPS 2-in1

    Same problem on Surface Pro 7 here on both 18 and 17.x, no other driver available that fixes the issue: the newest intel drivers 26.x from november (need to manually force the install) didn't work either. My old Surface Pro 4 is fine. The Intel Iris Plus chips are not listed in the supported graphic cards at sidefx but they can not be so dissimilar from the other Intel Iris Pro I guess. Did Sidefx ever tested the surface pro 7?