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  1. Integrating cgi model into a live footage (troubleshooting)

    well this is awkward. Hah aha. could've been worst. Thanks for letting me know
  2. Integrating cgi model into a live footage (troubleshooting)

    sorry, i didnt realize that its in the Houdini forum. can the mods please move this to the correct forums, is there even a Maya and Nuke forum in here?
  3. Hi all, After a year of studying visual arts and design, I've continue my education through 3D animation and visual effects. I have went through all the basic foundation of being an artist. So fast forward 6 months later and 6 months left of this curriculum. I'm creating a integration demo reel. I shot a live footage of a one way street and compositing a cgi car into it. What ive done so far is tracked the footage with camera tracker and created a point cloud generated and created a mesh and brought that into the maya. I imported the plate into maya and everything is looking goood until I bring all the files back into nuke and I notice that the cgi is slipping and not staying into place as the plate. Could anyone introduce me a better method with integration. So in conclusion. cgi model slips in nuke and does not match the plate with point cloud generator Thanks for taking your time reading.
  4. Hi :)

    So I just began my course for 3D animation. Throughout the days it has been very intensive and lots of learning! I'm very excited in every subject and it's really inspirational as I proceed on a day to day basis. I'm starting to take a interest in other subjects and It's good. But I think I should really stick to what I know and expand my knowledge and get better at it if I want a job in this industry. I'm learning nuke and it's I'm not putting much effort in getting to understand it better because I'm putting most of my effort out to maya and animation learning techniques that I never coped with. Invested financially and emotionally. I really want to learn more about nuke and I am reaching out to you guys today and to see if there are any resource out on the internet that can possible teach me more about foundry of nuke software.
  5. Hi :)

    HAHA thanks for viewing guys! Yes it more towards a compositing and rotoscoping side. I still have a lot more to learn! Its not the best but thats not a bad idea for my next final project marty! I really want to learn more about visual effects and Im about to begin my 3D animation program this week and im super excited!
  6. Hi :)

    feedback is greatly appreciated
  7. Hi :)

    So after 12 months of studying at VFS in Vancouver for visual art and design, I've finally constructed my demo reel. As happy as I can get, I'm still not satisfied with the extensive amount of work that I have put into it. I'm a type of person who always wants to learn more and more. Would you guys want to check out my amateur demo reel. I don't know the rules of this forum so I am not sure if I am allowed to posted it. In addition, my demo reel is based on some compositing, rotosocoping and a little bit of visual effects.
  8. Hi :)

    I have heard about the software Houdini but I never got a chance to get close to it yet. I am for sure that if I have questions about it, I can definitely ask you.
  9. Hi :)

    I'm already excited to meet you all. I'm currently studying visual arts and design and about to continue for another year for 3d animation. What are some skills and talent you guys have or what do you guys do for living?
  10. Hi :)

    Hi, I'm a new member to this forum. I didn't know where to begin so I'm going to introduce myself. I'm a young student who is really interested in visual effects. I'm just wondering at different websites and youtube mostly to try and improve me. I hope this forum is a great place for inspired people like me to be a part of. I'm from the city of Vancouver and I would just like to say hi and hope I can reach out to more VFX artists!