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  1. Crowd Training Sources

    There is good training by https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/crowds-for-feature-film-in-houdini but this is not about flying crowds.
  2. Sim still cooks even after cache

    Maybe turning off the visibility of DOP node you did the sim. Houdini will sim if the visibility is on.
  3. Blue lines for groups in viewport

    Hi. this is UV boundaries you see in the viewport. press D on viewport and in the first tab (markers) there is a drop down in the lower right. choose No Boundaries. hope this fixes it.
  4. export multiple objects

    Hi, here is a simple solution. Try to use connectivity sop and promote the maximum value to detail so you can use it as frame range and based on the connectivity delete each object. below is a hip file to download. Hope this help. multipleOBJ.hip
  5. Hi, I did a test and you can download it below. this is for glue constraint but I didn't try it for other cons but it should work. simply cached the constraint into a file and loaded it in SOPs. to get animation I used " transformpieces " SOP to apply constraint motion. hope this help. untitled.hip
  6. Data stream in SOP

    The data stream flows from the previous node to the current. some sop nodes create their own data and also you can attach your own custom if you want. for example, if you place a normal sop node after a geometry Houdini creates an attribute called N and assign it to vertex or point of the geometry and then you can use it to your needs. like for color or drive velocity with N. also, each sop node recooks if the above nodes change. each node responsible to get input geometry and do some operation on it and generate a new one, and each sop node has its own local cache to speed up operations. for more information refer to Houdini Masterclass "compiled SOPs" by Sidefx, jeff explain it in much more detail.
  7. Assigning material to RBD

    Thanks for the help. Spent an hour to solve this. I realized the DOP import node do it easily by changing the ' Import style ' to 'Fetch the unpacked geometry from DOP network'.
  8. Assigning material to RBD

    Hi everyone. I have a trouble assigning material to packed fractured RBD. After dop import I lose all inside and outside groups. How should I assign material to 'inside' and 'outside' groups in packed RBD ?