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  1. Object Surface Water Droplets

    my bad rbowden, thank you
  2. Thanks for helping atom. That ROP Output node will come in handy!
  3. I'm looking to create as asset that will generate water droplets onto the surface of any input geometry. This would mostly be applicable to still shots. My first assumption would be to generate points from any mesh of a geometry and just use a copy node to place spheres on top of the outside mesh of the input geometry, however I want the droplets to look organic, like this: I don't expect anyone to write an entire tutorial here (unless it is actually quite easy), so if there's a tutorial already made hidden away somewhere I'd really love to be redirected. I'm intending to make a .hda out of it so I can use it in c4d.
  4. Octane render has been updated and now supports volumes. I know this is possible, but how would I export an animated .vdb file of a smoke or fire simulation from houdini so that it can be used with octane? I'm using c4d octane, so .vdb's make the most sense to use. I've tried exporting a basic shelf tool simulation of an explosion, but it saved each frame as a separate .vdb file (I used the $F command in the file save parameter in houdini), and it looks nothing in octane like it did in houdini on whatever specific frame I imported. Would really appreciate any advice. -jas