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  1. I need to reuse the constraint polylines from an RBD sim after the simulation is done (to create visible geomerty for rendering) but the only geo I can find is the constraint's initial state and the rbd geometry itself. It doesn't look like the polylines are kept at all. How can I reconstruct the simulated constraint lines between rbd pieces to use downstream in the network?
  2. I'd like to offset a relative referenced parameter in time, so that a series of parented objects get the referenced parameter not from the current frame but from some number of frames before, each one different. (Its a rotate transform on the Geo node so the parenting propagates the rotation down the chain). I can sort of do it with a TimeShift node inside each Geo, but that requires the referenced parameter to be put on a transform node there, which disabled the effect of the parented hierarchy. Is there a way to edit the reference script directly in the Geo node's transform instead of going the TimeShift route?, eg inserting something like $F-n somewhere here... ch("../Object_Driver/ry")