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  1. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Hey guys, great work. Another take of the same algorithm, this time on an image. More images: https://www.behance.net/gallery/59417977/Johannes
  2. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Here is the version for solids. I used connectivity and clipping this time to achieve this. Green loop takes care of X-axis, red takes care of Y and blue the Z-axis.
  3. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Thanks @Paul Corfield and @mestela Nice work! I'll soon post the same idea, this time on solids!
  4. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Hey @Werner and @mestela I was surprised to find this thread with the Algorithm stuff I posted a few days ago. See more at https://www.behance.net/gallery/59061121/Algorithm I'm glad it got you interested and thankful for people like mestela! I am also relatively new, so my method might not be very efficient or elegant, but here it goes: I tried a couple of way but ended up using polysplit with edge loops in order to have local space rather than world space. I ended up with 2 variations. 1st one splits each primitive with a random number of edge loops (eg. 0-4). Blue loop splits horizontally, green loop splits vertically. I could only get equally spaced splits so in the 2nd example I tried to make it split each primitive a random number but at a random distance (0.2-0.8) each time. Hope this helps.