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  1. Clouds Formulas

    Look forward on SIGGRAPH's papers of Geoffrey Gardner (course notes 22 at 1994 for example) and related materials by David Ebert, F.Kenton Musgrave, Darwyn Peachey, Ken Perlin etc.
  2. Metacloud Raymarcher

    Adrew, at www.renderman.org you could find paper, described pretty fast technics for motion blur of volumetrics. Somewhere in SRT pages (sorry, I don't remember where exactly)
  3. Netmantra

    SYmek, yes! But it doesn't work... I solve the task via Alfred, but with custom scripts, which are absolutely different with SESI's ones
  4. Distributed Rendering

    For distributing I use this simple technics yet: >hscript -q YOUR_HIP.hip frange.cmd where frange.cmd is: opparm -d /out/YOUR_RENDER f quit this command returns frame range for selected output for selected hip. Next step is dividing this range by number of render hosts and making the following scripts: renderA.cmd opparm /out/YOUR_RENDER f (fromA toA 1) render -V /out/YOUR_RENDER quit where fromA and toA are subsequent range for host A and finaly: >rexec -host A hscript YOUR_HIP.hip renderA.cmd Mario offer automatization of this process by using SunGridEngine and his own scripts.
  5. Netmantra

    Mario, thank you for solution. I'll looking forward it. As I understand I could use your scripts just as template for binding hscript and mantra jobs to standart alfred pipeline.
  6. Netmantra

    Could I use third-party NDR manager (muster, smedge, alfred...) for mantra renders? Example scripts from .../alfred/... doesn't work Simple batchs (which i use yet) are effective but hard to control
  7. Strange I3d Render Artefacts

    Can you upload your i3d and volume VEXs?
  8. Candle Flame Effects

    DaJuce - THANK YOU for great link!
  9. UVs on Subdivs

    Excuse me to all for my stupideness:) It was just "late evening" mistake. At morning I found problem in 30 seconds. I had two pipes and one of that was not updated so geometry and attributes was from two different sources. That's all folks:) Thank you for cooperation
  10. UVs on Subdivs

    No, more dramaticaly! And I meant not houdini's Subdivide SOP, but RenderMan's Subdivision. I made subdivide RIB-archive by checking 'File as Subdivision' in Render tab in obj parameters and write out result to .rib archive file. Resulting RIB rendered with not local UV shifting but total shift. I could attach results tommorow.
  11. UVs on Subdivs

    After making Rib-archive as Subdivision I'v got unpredictable changes in UV-coordinates. On polygonal model texture looks well. But on subdiv it's shifted and stretched. Does anybody know it is Houdini problem or PRMan?
  12. rmands error

    Try 'sloinfo' directly in shader folder. I have the same error with no houdini using. I thing it's some prman error or our mistake in setting it up. Inform please if you'll find solution
  13. Volumetric rendering

    Wow! It was a very hard time to waiting answer, and so lot of replays at a time:) What did I meant: in the same way as in Jason's tutor (very simple, but very effective) make a strightline to build a complete pipeline: 1. (don't need to explain) generating metadata (some particle's behavoire with special attribs assinging) 2. Rendering i3d files from data above (explained very well in Jason's tutor) 3. Building (or writing) the volumetric shader, wich uses i3d data and calculate raymarches 4. Rendering image (point 3 is only one which needs to describe for complete situation) !SPECIAL ANNOTATION! I'm not novice in this field of work, just I have an experiance only in custom C-coded or SL-RIB-C-assisted realizations. But I'm very interisting in doing this things in Houdini only Thanks for all for response
  14. transparency in VEX surface shader

    Basicly this done using dot product of N and -I. Both vectors must be normalized. To control falloff use pow function. So classic RMC glow shader looks like: opacity=pow(clamp(normalize(N).normalize(-I), 0, 1), falloff); clamp used for drop off backfaces
  15. Network Rendering

    aracid, thak you for response. Of course, i tryed all that things: - local rendering on each host - looking up hosts in network (and I add lines to 'hosts' file wich is not nesseccery for Win) - and even using UNC file paths in $HIP and $JOB unfortunately, result is the same. I'll try reinstall houdini on one of hosts and check out the netrender options but I'm not sure that is there If you know something else i'll be pleasure for you Regards