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  1. Vellum hair - custom attribute for bendstiffness

    Hi Julian! Yes, this is what I was looking for! Thank you! It is a part of a setup I build for a wet fur, I will drive the look and behaviour of the fur and the sim with some wet maps etc. Cheers! Tomasz
  2. Hello! I have a problem with feed the animated custom attribute for the vellum hair simulation. I would like to animate the bendstiffness but nothing seem to make it work in the simulation. I am using the sopSolver to transfer the attribute and the simulation outputs the correct values but does not use them within the sim. Did any of you had a similar problem? I am attaching my hip file if someone would like to inspect it. Thanks! Tomasz FurSetups_v002.hiplc
  3. Looping POPsim

    Hi! Is there any way of seamless loop of POPsim? The number of points in the sim stays constant throughout the whole simulation, I am using simple popWind and popForce. Later I am scattering objects on the points. I am attaching video of what I have right now. Best, Tomasz butterfly_13.mp4
  4. Vellum Hair _ deforming geo

    Is there any particular reason to use vellum solver this way? In guide simulate node you can switch dynamics solver to Vellum instead of Wire Solver. Best, Tomasz
  5. Deform Groom curve stretching

    I had the same problem, increase or decrease spatial scale, it helped me a ton!
  6. Paint Peel effect on alembic

    Apparently it is a known bug that is being fixed.
  7. Paint Peel effect on alembic

    Hi! Thanks for your reply! I added the Clean node but it didn't change much in terms of sim time. Is there any other approach for this effect to work? Particles maybe? Any help would be great! Cheers, Tomasz
  8. Paint Peel effect on alembic

    Hey! I am trying to achieve similar effect from Peter Quint's tutorial (https://vimeo.com/165759524) on animated flag. I have managed to make the fractured pieces stick with animation, but whenever I try to sim it basically takes forever to sim one frame. Is there any other more efficient way of achieving this or am I making something wrong? I am attaching a hip file and .abc of few frames of the flag anim. Cheers! Tomasz Flag_03.abc PeelPaintFlag.hiplc
  9. Alembic for RBD simulation

    Thanks! On which level you would add the constraints? I new to it and never tried using them before. I tried with glue constraint but I think I failed. Cheers
  10. Alembic for RBD simulation

    Hello! I got a task to make a sim of a part of alembic file. There is a car flipping and the flip animation was made in other software and I am supposed to simulate the bumper and lights detaching and crashing. My first approach was to seperate the parts that are going to be simulated with some group and delete nodes but when I ve put all to DOP the results were bad. Do you have any suggestions on how to approach this? Thank you in advance, Tomasz
  11. Voronoi fracture objects

    Yes! Thank you so much!
  12. Voronoi fracture objects

    Hi, Is it possible to scale individual piece on its local transform axis, created through voronoi fracture? I tried for each node and it is using the obj pivot. Thank you in advance! Cheers, Tomasz
  13. Circle radius driven by distance to curve.

    I got it to work as I wanted! Thanks again for all your help!
  14. Circle radius driven by distance to curve.

    It works good up to a point when I wanted to apply second parameter based on a gradient on the same surface that would additionally scale points from left to right... How would you use the point wrangler? I know next to nothing about VEX...
  15. Circle radius driven by distance to curve.

    Thank you guys! That was exactly what I needed!