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  1. Mixing Position based on active frame

    This function return vector value [min.x, min.y, min.z] of bounding box coordinates of geometry and I take second element of this array min.y that is [1] index of that array and it has float value. When you use <string primgroup> in function you’re getting values for bounding box of primitives that in that group instead of all geometry. My example was for plane geometry but if you have geometry like terrain better way is to store @P to i.e. v@origP before for-each loop and to swap them back after when you need original profile of geometry.
  2. Mixing Position based on active frame

    Hello, after for-each loop number of points of the geometry was changed and because of that lerp() does not work correctly. You can use unpacked geometry after loop, make it flat and plug in to the second input of the point wrangle mixing_based_on_active_01.hipnc
  3. PACKED RBD Vibrates continuously on the ground

  4. For-Each and MultiplesMorphs

    You can do this too just change Gather Method to Merge Each Iterations on Block End. It will work with one Block Begin only. MultipleMorphsAndForEach_03.hipnc
  5. For-Each and MultiplesMorphs

    I reload hip in my previous post . Example with one Block Begin should work now.
  6. For-Each and MultiplesMorphs

    Actually i made a mistake in my first file. It is not necessary use connectivity sop and I must to use Gather Method Feedback Each Iteration instead of Merge Each Iterations. Sorry if I mislead you. I attached new file with examples, where i used one and three Block Begin with Fetch Input method. In this case they are just inputs for geometry into for-each loop. MultipleMorphsAndForEach_02.hipnc
  7. glue breaking with metaball

    Hi. yes you should use a sopsolver dop to break glue constrains with a pop metaball force dop. Here is file with one of many approaches how to do that. metaball_test_01.hipnc
  8. For-Each and MultiplesMorphs

    Hi, take a look at attachment, maybe it helps. At this site and sidefx there are lots of information and examples about for-each loop but it might take some time to understand that. MultipleMorphsAndForEach_01.hipnc
  9. Swap packed fragments via intrinsics

    Why? Is a transform pieces SOP not enough?
  10. FLIP and Bullet Interaction Troubleshooting

    It works fine for me. This is your scene with Volume Sample mode and Proxy Volume: flipToyTest_v3_02.hipnc You no need to fracture it. As i know flip works properly with RBD Object only and volume collision , not with RBD Packed Object and convex hull. Did you check Initialize Simulation OPs parameter into the ROP Geometry Output? If it is on then all network will be re-simulate.
  11. Smoke Trail Box Collapses

    In my opinion it is ok to use delay frames. The problem is that borders between cluster points in your example are hard and because of that borders of source volumes for pyro are hard too. When in Dop network a new pyro container initialized he is looking for source fields and if he isn't finding them then container jump to origin and sim in this container is over. Delay frames fix this. You can use other way also by blending borders between cluster points. There are more chances that pyro container find fields and sim will bee continues. You can do this by using a few control attributes in the cluster points SOP and weights. According to help-card it is looking for vector attribute but a float attribute in this case works ok too. pyroTrail.001_01.hip
  12. Object on top

    Hi, when you are coping to points Z axis of copy object matches to normal of points if they have one. Because of that you should be aware of how your copy is orienting along Z axis and where normals are directing. Here is more information: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/copy/instanceattrs.html boxtp_01.hipnc
  13. FLIP and Bullet Interaction Troubleshooting

    Hi. I've made some changes in your scene. First made bottom of the pool a bit thicker. Second I've used RBD Object DOP instead of RBD Packed Object DOP for Bullet and volume collision for it. Third value of collision separation should be lower then particle separation (it there is in the help-card), so I've used expression ch("particlesep")*0.5. Other changes like decreasing particle separation, bypassing some DOPs, changing feedback scale I've made for the test purpose only. flipToyTest_v3_01.hipnc
  14. Input in Unreal on a OBJ-Level HDA?

    Do you want to have geo information into a OBJ level hda? I don't know how it will be work in Unreal but in Houdini I would make path parameter on the hda and object merge SOP inside geometry OBJ node with relative references expression. See attached geo_to_hda.hipnc
  15. Sure keep and rename groups_01.hipnc