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  1. IK solver mayhem

    It doesn't work because...I don't know, it seems to me a bug. If in Tom's file you put transform sop under curve1 and rotate 90 degrees around X or Y axes it works as expected. H19.0.561.
  2. Scaling emitted rigid bodies

    Hi, you can manipulate pscale scale_rbd.hipnc
  3. Hi, in your case Constraint Network DOP imports constraints from SOP on each frame because the SOP is time dependent. You can overwrite position of constraints' anchors in the Sop Solver DOP like in the file i attached. Break_Animated_Cst_01.hipnc
  4. Accessing Bullet Impact Data in DOPS

    OK Impact Data_02.hipnc
  5. Accessing Bullet Impact Data in DOPS

    Do you want create group of rbd objects? e.i. if a box in your sim impacts 3 times with ground plane object that box should be include in a group. Is that your goal?
  6. Accessing Bullet Impact Data in DOPS

    Hi, this is a file I made with simple example to show how you can use a dop data with Dop Import Record sop. Impact Data_01.hipnc
  7. create densier points area

    Hello, you want to create @pscale before Point Replicate sop with value equal to your @val multiplied by some scale factor. Or you can using @pscale directly instead of @val.
  8. Why static object is not working in popnet

    Are you sure your setup of collider is right? It"s hard to say what's going on seeing only a picture.
  9. Hero Object with multiple imported instances

    Hi, use packed geometry with different s@name for each piece of geo and RBD Packed Object dop.
  10. If you set physical parameters back to default values on /obj1/dopnet14/rbdpackedobject1 behavior of constraints is fine. Don't ask me why, I don't know, maybe a bug.
  11. adding 2 values in same parameter

    Hi, use a Group Expression sop, group type - primitives, with VEXpression: abs(dot({1,0,0}, @N)) > ch("threshold");
  12. Bullet pieces "shivering" without stop.

    Hi, maybe this can help
  13. Rotating vellum boxes

    Hi, you should compute velocity on a box geometry before put it to simulation. Use trail sop.