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  1. Hello Mattia, use combination of constraints. Pay attention to constraint attributes condir and condof. In attachment simple example. I hope it helps you. Cartest_01.hipnc
  2. switching to glue

    Hi Mike, if rebuild constraints from broken group they connect the same pieces again and this behavior is currently in your simulation. I clearly don't understand what you want to achieve therefore I made two wrangle in sop solver DOP. Take a look, maybe it is what are you looking for. switch_to_glue_from_broken_01.hipnc
  3. 3D model search engine

    Hi Alex, I haven't even known about this search engine. Thanks for it. Definitely to bookmarks.
  4. switching to glue

    I think you need to look up this topic https://forums.odforce.net/topic/20691-realistic-dynamic-fracturing-with-bullet/
  5. Hi Jack, take a look at hip in attachment. Is this what you want to achieve? voronoi_extude.hipnc
  6. simple if statement not working

    Yes, may mistake. I have overlooked that in parameter "FrameNumber" there is an expression that refer to frameshift. In my case I just typed number manually when I examined your scene. I'm sorry if I misled you.
  7. simple if statement not working

    Hi Mike, Change chi("FrameNumber") to chi("Frame_Number") or chi("frame_number") or chi("framenumber"). I presume that Houdini don't like when capital letter is in the middle of an attribute's name. P.S. Don't forget press button "Create spare parameter" when change the name of attribute
  8. Group rbd pieces with different name

    Hi Nikola! See attached archive. I hope it will help you group_pieces.rar
  9. It is hard to say what is wrong without the hip. I made a quick scene and if i understand you right maybe this will help you. hard_constraints.hipnc
  10. Volleyball

    Impressive work Konstantin! This is my approach: volleyball.hipnc
  11. Sorting and Remapping Attributes

    If i understood you right then... sort_id.hipnc
  12. FLIP particles disappear

    You need to activate parameter Collision Separation in a flip object and set a value not bigger then the value in Particle Separation. And Noobini's advice valuable too. Your case is simple and simplify collision shape will be work. But if collision shape will be more complicated then Collision Separation only will help. To see and control collision shape which flip solver uses go to Guides -> Visualization and turn on Collision
  13. Rotate cameras from vector list to degrees

    Try this: def vtd(vector): vec = hou.Vector3(vector).normalized() initDir = hou.Vector3(0,0,-1) initUp = hou.Vector3(0,1,0) m4 = initDir.matrixToRotateTo(vec) dir = initDir * m4 up = initUp * m4 newUp = dir.cross(initUp.cross(dir)) mrx = m4 * up.matrixToRotateTo(newUp) m3 = mrx.extractRotationMatrix3() rotDeg = m3.extractRotates() return rotDeg
  14. Expression was not right. There is some problem in geometry with one of the line before foreach loop and polyexpand2d has error. Hip file in attach so far. And i presume you need to connect lines as in network box in the scene but i not understand actually what you try to achieve with polyexpand2d. ROADS_004_01.hipnc
  15. Yes, now i use point attr, but then i promote this attribute back to prim attr. How to decide which attr use? It depend which attribute use node. Some node use point attr some prim attr and some detail attr. Need to look to help card for node