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  1. points distance

    Hi, in this file two methods: in vex and without one. The point attribute @dist is a distance to the next point. distance.hipnc
  2. Wheels on Object

    Hi, look at this topic
  3. Or you can load a texture with Display Options
  4. In file two versions - geo_v1 and geo_v2. Try it, maybe this is what you are looking for Recursivetest_01.hipnc
  5. Maybe I can't completely understand what you are trying to achieve. I did simple test: created float attribute before for-each loop equal 100.0 , at each iteration took a square root and added it to result of previous iteration. It works as expected, it accumulate values of attribute at each step, I've got 110, 120.488, 131.465, 142.931, 154.886... and so on. I did not use solver sop at all.
  6. Hi, is an income value of attribute not changing through the loop iteration, isn't it? If so, why not just to add incoming attribute at each iteration? RecursiveSolver_01.hipnc
  7. Hi, i know two ways to make it works, it may be more though: 1. Inside Animation Editor there is "Function" drop down menu at the bottom of the window. Select segment of animation curve and choose "linear()" 2. Inside Parameter tab - toggle animated parameter with LMB and you can see function type of animation curve ("bezier()" by default). You can set time slider between two keyframes and in field of animated parameter type "linear()". This change type of animation curve on segment between two keyframes.
  8. Try this expression: `opname("..")` Edit: No, it"s wrong, this expression does not work in this field Edit_2: This is one of possible solutions: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini17.5/hom/locations.html#node_event_files You should create folder "sop" in your "$HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR/scripts" directory, and "object_merge_OnCreated.py" file in that folder: n = kwargs["node"] parent_name = n.parent().name() n.setName(parent_name, unique_name=True) This will be rename object merge node on creation with name of it parent object node. Disadvantage is that each new object merge node will be rename. Maybe there is more convenient way, i don't know.
  9. Output Constraints?

    Hi, yes it's possible
  10. Hi, go to menu Assets, then Asset Manager (or RMB on an asset in Network View -> Show in Asset Manager), tab Configuration, drop down menu "Asset Bar"
  11. light on/off timing settings

    Hi, yes it's possible. You can use value of attributes from SOP. See simple example i attached. I've animated parameters Enable and Color of Light object. Click RMB on parameter Enable: Expression -> Edit Expression and you can see an expression. You can use CHOP for this also. light_control.hipnc
  12. Rendering glass in mantra

    Hi Evan, maybe this tutorial helps you
  13. Hi, increase Reytracing Bias parameter in Shading tab of Mantra ROP, something to 0.01. Don't ask me why, i only know what the help says.
  14. 2 sided shader with bump not working

    Hi, if you want two side material with bumped metal on one side and glossy plastic on the other, i presume it is the best choice to use bump instead of displacement, because displacement has influence to all geometry. Here two pictures: first with displacement, second with bump. Principled shader does not have ability to use noise for bump by default. You can change a shader and use "noise displacement bump" tab to control bump. See hip. 2Sided_01.hipnc