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  1. Point group

    Hi, in a group expression sop write in the field of parameter VEXpression: @P.y >= chf("y_hight") then click icon on the right of this field. It creates parameter "Y Hight"
  2. Delete Edges?

    Not sure i understood you
  3. Delete Edges?

    Hi, you can use convert line sop and split (or blast) sop. Stair Pillar_01.hipnc
  4. Hi, maybe try constraint type hair instead of string.
  5. HDA annotation (not comment)

    Hi, go to Operator Type Properties window of your hda -> Node tab -> Descriptive Parm, type into a parameter name of the hda which value you want to see in the Network View.
  6. Bullet Heightfield collision

    Hi, if you create heightfield as usually then collision works as expected. I think something is happening when you are creating heightfield with COPs, but unfortunately i don't know what is cause of this .
  7. POP Sourcing into specific DOP object

    Hi, you can delete one object in a sopsolver dop, though i am not sure i understood you completely. You should upload simple example of what you're trying to do.
  8. (Solved)Rigid Bodies active by geometry

    Hi, you don't have to use a solver sop into sopsolver dop. A solver sop is dopnetwork with sopsolver dop node in SOP context (dive into the sopsolver and you can see it). Work inside your sopsolver dop as if you inside solver sop already. See the attachment and pay attention that you are packing your geo twice: first in copy sop, second in assemble sop. active_by_geometry_v01.hipnc
  9. "open" a text

    Hi, try boolean sop with intersect operation, or dissolve sop with unshared edges group
  10. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Hi, there is Match Animation check box on your vellumconstraints1 sop.
  11. turn off screen window

    Hi, there is an icon on top of the viewport window "Reset screen window in open viewports", or you can hit f, h, a. Or do you want turn it off permanently? Here some info: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/view.html but I didn't see how to get rid of this.
  12. Subdivide the result of a boolean. Issues.

    Here is not fully procedural approach but it is one of the ways to do that boolean_issues_01.hipnc
  13. OCIO Config not loading

    Hi, I copied OpenColorIO-config folder to my home directory and set up desktop environment variable OCIO to the path of config.ocio and that's it. Houdini is picking it up automatically. aces 1.0.1
  14. iterate over certain points

    Try this: i[]@TP = neighbours(0,0); foreach(int i ; @TP) { if(i == @ptnum) @P.y = 1; }
  15. vellum grains exploding when animating attributes

    Hi, solution in the hip file. Nodes that i added are green. grains_follow_target_01.hipnc