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  1. Hi, It's hard to tell without the scene but i assume this is one primitive. Try convertline sop or split somehow that one primitive into several before grouping .
  2. raising polygons

    When we set Initial Object Type parameter of RBD Packed Object DOP to Create Deforming Active Object it is looking to source SOP node each timestep and if source geometry is changing it is changing in DOP Network also. Therefore on frames when objects are creating in DOP we have to have only that geometry in SOP at this certain frame, but all others geometries for created already objects at remaining frames. Only thing we have to do is implement this in SOP. I made some copies of cached geometry, timeshifted these copies into for-each loop and deleted copies when it necessary at certain time.
  3. raising polygons

    OK, I understand now, I suppose). Like this? I've used bullet solver with RBD Packed Object DOP instead of RBD Object DOP, but i don't know if it suits you though. pig_reduce_01.hipnc
  4. raising polygons

    Hello, if turn off "Use Deforming Geometry" parameter of RBD Object DOP, you get that effect what you are looking for, isn't it?
  5. solver particle inherit Cd

    Hello, this example gives you solution with solver if it is still needed. solver_particles_cd_01.hipnc
  6. Reverse point order only for point group

    One more Pt_order_mess_01.hipnc
  7. Hi, you can use strreplace() expression function: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/strreplace.html use as first argument relative reference path of "file" parameter of the file sop, where you are reading sequence, and type expression in "file" parameter of file cache sop, where you are writing new sequence.
  8. Keeping RBD pieces from falling off

    Hi, try to play with gravity dop and popwrangle dops in the DopNetwork and with timeshift sop in DOP_Import also test.mov Scene01.04_01.hipnc Edited: I've did some correction and re-uploaded the scene.
  9. Hi, you can use a group expression sop to make group that will be contain all points with more then 3 prims connected. pointprims() function gives you an array of primitives containing a point and len() gives length of this array.
  10. put object on top after copy

    Hi, here is another way to do this move copy pivot_01.hipnc
  11. reading prim attribute overall primitives

    Hi, on a PolyExtrude node there is tab Local Control. Use local attribute "zscale" for your task. I attached example file how to do this. exturde_prims.hipnc
  12. PolyBevel problem - Modeling

    You have redundant points after polybevel1. Use fuse node after it.
  13. Hi, have you created packed geometry, I assume? If so then go to display option and turn one "Wire over packed geometry" check box. This method works in H 17.5 and I don't know how in H 17.0, I hope it similar.
  14. copy different pieces to different point issue

    I think my level not enough to be a mentor. This forum is the golden mine of knowledge and you can get it for free just should search carefully. Workflow of this example is pretty simple. We take points and set randomly attribute i@id, whose value is fit from 0 to quantity of pieces in .obj file. This attribute say “blast2” node if i@class equal to i@id then delete all but not this one. For-loop iterate by points, one point per iteration which number gives us node “meta” from detail attribute i@iteration with expression. detail("../meta", iteration, 0) At each iteration “blast2” with expression `@class=`point("../OUT_pts", detail("../meta", iteration, 0), "id", 0)` takes a point, finds i@id value of the point with number of iteration, and deletes pieces with i@class not equal i@id. Copy to points sop in for-each loop copies that piece to the point which is iterating at this moment.
  15. copy different pieces to different point issue

    I've guessed that. What's wrong with my first example? In this new example file I just added transform sop to move pieces to the origin. tetris_02.hipnc