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  1. render time displacement by UV values

    Hey Janis, did you try to use your points as point cloud instead of transfer a value from scattered points to uv? You can save these points on a disk and read desired value from them inside a shader. I don't know if it is possible in Redshift though.
  2. Infect and spread color in DOPS

    Just copied wrangle form solver SOP into sopsolver DOP. test_07_01.hipnc
  3. Infect and spread color in DOPS

    Hi, it should work. Maybe you did not create "search" parameter or its value equal 0. Hard to tell without scene.
  4. texture getting applied upside down

    Hello and welcome to odforce. First you should unpack geometry before applying uv. Some pieces you packed twice somewhere, therefore set iterations to 2. Second, reverse x or y component of scale parameter for normal look of texture.
  5. Hi, in this file a quick example how to use for-each and time shift for randomization instances of cached pyro. pyro_offset.hipnc
  6. Pyro Adding Turbulence based on VEL field

    Hi, control field should be a scalar. Here there is the video how to use vector field as vel for control turbulence, disturbance, confinement and so forth
  7. I don't remember what exactly i did, this was more then one year ago. I copied "rotate_upvectors" attribute vop, cleaned it up and added a checkbox, that's it. How it works? If i understood your question correctly it just multiplying rotation angle value to first component of @uv, which has value from 0 to 1. Then we multiply v@upvector by matrix which we are getting within rotate vop.
  8. ../../AutoDopNetwork:pyro/vel/Visualization Write this string in an object merge sop and you get the same.
  9. Yes vel_vis.hipnc Are constraints guides invisible? Check if the "Show Guide Geometry" parameter of constraint network dop turn on
  10. Look at constraints' dop data with name "Visualization" for this constraints_vis.hipnc
  11. Hi. you should use for each point loop with copy to points sop and in the timeshift sop write point() expression to get your "offset" attribute. As number of point in this case will be number of loop iteration. Time_Shift_Random_v002_01.hipnc And thanks to toadstorm we have this nice blog's page: A Long-Winded Guide to Houdini Instancing
  12. You can use attribute transfer sop or attribute expression sop for this get_mat.hipnc
  13. instance in houdini

    Hi, set @pscale inside popnet with POP Property dop. copy to points_01.hipnc
  14. I'm not an expert, it is viewport representation artifacts, i guess. Maybe if to set 'Volume Quality' to 'High' in viewport Display Option it will remove this.
  15. Yes, you can do it with a partition sop emitter_01.hiplc