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  1. "square" scatter

    Look at this http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini#Voronoi_cluster_and_fracture
  2. Convex hull problem

    Hi, There are several ways: your geo is small. Scale it up or decrease collision pudding value in RBD packed object but then because your chunks are too small you'll may run into issues in the future such as frozen pieces of your geo or when they pass through each other. But maybe not. Try and you'll see.
  3. What I have done: in static object DOPs changed collision type from bullet to Use Solver Default. used proxy geometry for collision object because original geo is too thin for collision. changed some parameters in wire objects and wire solver. See by yourself. changed expression in wireglueconstraint1 bypass transform4 sop All new nodes I've marked green and nodes with changed params blue. Maybe I forgot something but anyway… cutting_wire_Test_v02_fix.hipnc
  4. I'll look at your file a bit later I'm a little busy right now
  5. Hard to tell without the scene. Would be easier if you attach your file.
  6. If you mean animation strip geo then in SOP. Cutting strip in my example is taking place in DOP with keyframing "activation" parameter in wireglueconstraint1 dop node
  7. It is not necessary to make RBD object. In this case use static object. cutting_wire_02.hipnc
  8. It's straightforward but it works cutting_wire.hipnc
  9. The chimney is not closed too. Take a look to hip chimney_preparetion.hipnc
  10. Move points through the "center" of a SDF

    This is my attempt without solver sop. It is not super precisely and in some cases you have to adjusting parm "offset" in volumewrangle1. My setup has limitation - don't work properly when pipes are intersecting. volume_to_particle_01.hipnc
  11. RBD - Glue constraints restick together

    Hi Dominik, You can change position of a metaball. You can also increase it weight, or increase force and at the same time set density parameter in rbdpackedobject to 2400 (density of concrete) for decreasing speed of pieces. If your setup is different then in the tutorial it is worth to adjust some parameters for your needs.
  12. Constraints, custom velocity and active attribute

    If one half of wall is not active it is not necessary make constraints for this. You could achieve your goal by making constraints only for the active part. constraint_network_active_attribute_01.hipnc
  13. Hi Andrii, I did tests with constraints some time ago and it is what I come to. This is example with glue constraint but with hard and twist it will work too I guess with Sop Solver DOP. constraints_test.hipnc
  14. Hi, because there are not pieces with point name attribute "body_s" and "wheel_s_*" in DOP but constraints have. Houdini don't know which pieces must be constrained. All pieces in DOP have name like "unique*" so far.
  15. Also take a look at this post. And all topic is excellent.