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  1. Rotating vellum boxes

    Hi, you should compute velocity on a box geometry before put it to simulation. Use trail sop.
  2. In the topic from the link there is an example file, called collisionChangeTopo_dv.hipnc and there is one method of retiming by timeshift sop inside it. Also: https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/introduction-to-retime it's free.
  3. Hi, here you can find a possible solution.
  4. Here is a scene, 5 subdivide sop divide a box each frame with Depth = $F and after each subdivision cache geo. It is very heavy for computer's memory so be careful. rops_dependensy.hipnc
  5. If you plug fetch ROPs sequentially without merge ROP and start render from last node it should work.
  6. Did you uncheck "Render Full Range (Override Frame-By-Frame)" checkbox on Alembic Output ROP while you used Fetch ROPs with frame by frame mode?
  7. Add to group and track age

    It does not change and you can easily transform float type to integer it is not necessary to use solver sop for this add_to_group_and_track_age_02.hipnc
  8. Add to group and track age

    Hi, look at the attached file add_to_group_and_track_age_01.hipnc
  9. Randomly Group Points Into Multiple Groups

    Hi, here is a hip file with may try. You can control amount of groups on a cluster points sop by "Clusters" parameter and randomization by adjusting "Seed" parm on the same node or on a Sort sop. Random_Groups_01.hipnc
  10. Persistent Grouping [SOLVED]

    Hi, in your case a Solver sop is the way to go. Stay_Deleted_01.hipnc
  11. Fetch Value At Specific Time in VEX

    Hi, you can pull your animated geometry into chop with Geometry chop node. Then read a value of channels, which are point's coordinate, within a point wrangle using chop() function. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/chop.html
  12. Hi, in my opinion the simplest way to get vdb with a hole is vdbfrompolygons sop. Just make sure the geo is watertight and walls have depth bigger then 1 voxel's size. I attached a file with examples of how to create VDBs with a hole and use them as collider in flip simulation. vdb_with_hole.hipnc
  13. wires to follow rotation of RBD pin

    Hi, why wouldn't using Wire Glue Constraint Dop instead of SBD Constraint?
  14. Set arrays of attribute values

    Hi, you can convert @clumpid to point groups with partition sop and then expend these groups into arrays with expandpointgroup() vex function. set_array.hipnc
  15. You can define directory in houdini.env file, i.e.: MYDIR="/path/to/your/folder" since that you can using variable $MYDIR like $HIP, $JOB etc. Or you can use packages https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/plugins.html