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  1. Interrupted Simulations

    When you simulate from not first frame you should
  2. Interrupted Simulations

    Did you change Start Frame parameter wherever you simulated: in a Dop Network or a Vellum Solver?
  3. Wire Solver for ropes

    I can't add more then help says unfortunately. I usually do plenty of tests before i find look i like. Substeps in solver influences on calculations that solver do in each simulation frame whereas substeps in DOP Network node influences on all simulation. i.e. if number of substeps in DOP Network is 3 we get 3 simulation frames in DOP per 1 frame. I usually increase substeps in solver and if still some artifacts i increase substeps in DOP Network node.
  4. Wire Solver for ropes

    As in your case one wire object I've only changed Collision Handling parameter in solver to Local Geometric and decreased Linear Damping Constant, set Angular Spring Constant to 0.01 in wireobject and that's it. You should increase substeps in DOP Network node to get rid of vibration. rope_test_01_fix.hipnc
  5. Wire Solver for ropes

    Hello It would be more easily to get help if you attached your hip with setup. This is an example file and i hope it helps you. wires_fall.hipnc
  6. Hi you should initialize i@times in SOP and then you can increment it in Sop Solver DOP
  7. Can`t modify constraint strength

    Yes, glue constraint parameter Propagation Iteration appeared since H17.0 thus to get the same result in H16.5 you should set detail attribute i@propagate_iteration in SOP and i increase value of @strength some more in wrangle from 1000 000 to 1 500 000. reduceStrength_002_fix_h16.5.hipnc
  8. Can`t modify constraint strength

    OK, here the file reduceStrength_002_fix.hipnc
  9. Can`t modify constraint strength

    Hi, I've looked your file from first post and it work as it should. It doesn't affect because or two things. First you set @strength in SOP to 100 000 but actually it 10 000 000. The parameter strength of glue constraint is behaving as multiplayer and it has value 100 now. For don't get confused it is good to set it to 1 if you are setting this attribute in SOP as in your case. And second main thing - for now impact don't propagate to constraints in group DEL, so you sould increase parameter Propagation Iteration in glue constraint DOP like 5 or bigger.
  10. Freeze portion of RBD objects

    "Set Always" for animated parameter "strength" in glue constraint relationship node should help you.
  11. Hard Constraint Problem

    Hello, take a look into hip. I took @restlength and @distance constraint's attributes but you can using the remaining attributes also. bend.hipnc
  12. Houdini 17.0.382 work good with your scene, Houdini 16.0.884 crashes. Use unpack node instead of packedit
  13. Organizing complex assets

    If you doubt that merging different types of geometry and attributes leads to issues you can try separate them in different geometry object nodes. Did you try this?
  14. Organizing complex assets

    Now I've tried this: saved scene with merged alembic and geo from MONUMENT and stash. Then i delete alembic files from the disk and opened scene again. And that why i can't see alembic because it must be on the disk even if using stash node or locking node. No one alembic geometry in viewport and Render View. When I've returned *.abc on the disk - all OK.
  15. Organizing complex assets

    Now: MONUMENT - render OK I pulled alembic form ABC.zip into the scene - render OK copy to point alembic, pack and instance - on - render OK then merge this packed geos and MONUMENT - render OK merge alembic and MONUMENT - render OK I did this with and without stash node - all OK But from TRAFFIC i can't see anything