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  1. Hi Andrii, I did tests with constraints some time ago and it is what I come to. This is example with glue constraint but with hard and twist it will work too I guess with Sop Solver DOP. constraints_test.hipnc
  2. Hi, because there are not pieces with point name attribute "body_s" and "wheel_s_*" in DOP but constraints have. Houdini don't know which pieces must be constrained. All pieces in DOP have name like "unique*" so far.
  3. Also take a look at this post. And all topic is excellent.
  4. Select Pts with One Connection

    Because neighbours function return array. Henry just forgot type square brackets after n variable.
  5. Glue constraints, help please!

    And looks like you have problems with building constraints. Some pieces hang in the air. It happens when point name attribute of constraint pointing to piece that not exist.
  6. Hi Marcus, in your particular case I would make simple rig for propeller. Take a look scene file. "translation" null for position in the scene and "rotation" null for orientation. Animation rotation axis of propeller in individual null. You can consolidate position and orientation in one null node of course. propeller.hipnc
  7. Wire solver - rotational constraint

    Hi Alain, One of variants. Is this what you are trying achieve? wire_rot_constraint_01.hipnc
  8. Referencing subnet input

    Hi Ian, always use relative path in expressions within HDA. As for your case if(npoints(opinputpath("..", 1)) > 4, 1, 0) opinputpath pointing to input 1 of parent node relative node where expression is
  9. Multiple Constraints in DOP´s

    Hi Paulo, I added some node that needed and marked green. All primitives in fractured piece of geometry must have the same name attribute and unique relatively primitives in others pieces of geometry before packing to packed primitives. It's important for bullet solver and constraints. I recommend you to see master classes at sidefx.com about bullet simulation and read help for DOPs RBD Packed Object Constraint Network multiple_fracturing_fix.hipnc
  10. Hi Evan, I fix the scene from the topic that you pointed at and I added checkbox for only rotation or spiral. See red attribute VOP. orient_polywire_sweep.hipnc
  11. Growth Thingy Help!

    Hi Mitch How about this approach? You only need to consider logic of growth direction. triangleGrowth_01.hipnc
  12. Can you share hip and abc files? It's hard to say something right now
  13. As i remember transformation data is maintaining if export alembic as i wrote. Translate, rotate and pivots are in transform node of each instance geo in Maya when import alembic.
  14. Basic RBD Vehicle/Truck/Car Rig

    Hi Atom, I made test for steering with constraints for whole vehicle, set substeps to 3 because with 1 wheels of front suspension is a bit wobbly. I hope it helps you steering_test.hipnc
  15. Hello, Activate Pack and Instance checkbox in Copy to Points node or pack geometry before copying. Export with Alembic render node. It should be working.