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  1. Scatter on geometry only on Y-Axis

    Hello You can create point group of circle before copy to points then after skin promote point group to primitive. After boolean this group has to project to the box geometry. Use this group for scatter. See the hip, I hope this helps you. scatter_on_top.hipnc
  2. Looks the same for me. I wouldn't change Houdini unit length but place a transform sop at the end of the node network and adjust uniform scale. I think it is not at Houdini side. Try import your obj file into Maya, 3dsmax or somewhere and see what will happen.
  3. debris source trails

    Or you can turn Cache Simulation on in the DOP Network SOP
  4. [SOLVED] [VEX] point() function returning "old" value

    When we read attribute with point() we read it from input number which on the first place in the function and this attribute not modified yet. When we read with @P then if it was changed in the wrangle code we get new value.
  5. This is an example how you can do it export.hipnc
  6. Group edges

    And another one, i think even better edges_group_02.hipnc
  7. Group edges

    OK, i got it, that is my bad. This is another way. edges_group_01.hipnc
  8. Group edges

    Is this what you're looking for? edges_group.hipnc
  9. RBD Material Fracture with glue and "active/passive"

    Go to RBD Material Fracture's tab Constraints and turn on Apply Constraint Properties. You'll get constraints from a pink output of the node. Hook a null on this output and it will bee reference for Constraint Network DOP.
  10. sub fracturing glue constraint problem

    Hello Matt, It's because you rewrote s@name in forloop. I've bypassed some redundant nodes, in the Block End node set "name" attribute instead of "class " in Piece Attribute parameter and created new s@name value in voronoifracture2 node. Sub fracture problem_01.hipnc
  11. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Only flat objects currently supported Maybe shader solution helps you, i don't know... You're using Arnold for rendering but anyway try to read this post:
  12. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    For example a sphere hits a glass at frame 5. See the sticky notes in the scene Sklo_TEST_23_01.hipnc
  13. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    I think a switch sop with two inputs - cracked and uncracked versions of the geo can handle it.
  14. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Hi, Bullet solver can broke only glue constrain automatically, for the others types of constraints you should use SOP Solver DOP. Sklo_TEST_11_01.hipnc
  15. How to place the UV island on top of each other?

    Don't a copy to points sop do it automatically? If UV created before copy.
  16. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    Take a look at this file. I didn't understand your logic with neighbor vop but anyway in green Attribute VOP i fixed some things. transform_v2_01.hipnc
  17. Get one component of vector in VEX expressions

    It is point expression function http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/point.html At the first place in this function you should put number of spare input instead of a path of surface node. Just drag and drop a node from Network View to a field of spare input in Parameters tab and you get a path of this node. As spare inputs may be more then one so Spare Input 0 has number of input -1, Spare Input 1 has number of input -2 and so on
  18. Get one component of vector in VEX expressions

    In help it is calling hscript expressions, and it usually compute value in parameters in case with transform sop as Noobini said above you should use point expression. For convenience you can use spare input. in case with scatter sop if you want use @Cd for scattering uncheck Force Total Count and control density with Density Scale parameter
  19. Get one component of vector in VEX expressions

    In which node are you going to use this? And for the sake of clarity: are you asking for vex or hscript solution?
  20. This is what i meant test_parms.hdanc I've made invisible an auxiliary parameter with expression
  21. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    If you have a non-transformed version of collision geo from the very beginning you can make a pack primitive from it and then transform. You get transform matrix for free from primitive intrinsic "packedfulltransform". transform_01.hipnc
  22. Transform RBD by Transform Matrix

    Hey, if i understood you correctly you can just use a transform Sop. i.e. if you rotate a collision geo 30 degrees around Z axis before simulation, then after simulation just rotate all simulated geos back -30 degrees around the same axis.
  23. Packing UVs on obj level?

    Hello, I think you should get UVs back to geometry of each OBJ part of a robot, after you packed them all together.
  24. Loop with DOP and cache issues

    Hi Kiryha, You can use for each loop only for creation emitters and boolean geo and then simulate emitters simultaneously in dop. After that just separate particles by groups. In example hip i did for each loop only for emitters and you can add boolean Sop to it by yourself. vanish_006_01.hiplc