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  1. Hi, in my opinion the simplest way to get vdb with a hole is vdbfrompolygons sop. Just make sure the geo is watertight and walls have depth bigger then 1 voxel's size. I attached a file with examples of how to create VDBs with a hole and use them as collider in flip simulation. vdb_with_hole.hipnc
  2. wires to follow rotation of RBD pin

    Hi, why wouldn't using Wire Glue Constraint Dop instead of SBD Constraint?
  3. Set arrays of attribute values

    Hi, you can convert @clumpid to point groups with partition sop and then expend these groups into arrays with expandpointgroup() vex function. set_array.hipnc
  4. You can define directory in houdini.env file, i.e.: MYDIR="/path/to/your/folder" since that you can using variable $MYDIR like $HIP, $JOB etc. Or you can use packages https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/plugins.html
  5. Hi, plus button "Add Selected Directory to Favorites" in Open, Save, Import, (etc) windows creates a permanent link to directory, at least it works like so for me.
  6. Flame attachment and render problem

    I selected primitives in a viewport and hit "Delete" Would you mind to read? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/obj/rivet.html What group do you mean? Point group on rivet node? If so, you can see the numbers of points in viewport if you check on "Display point numbers" button. Or you can set point group and type group's name inside "Point Group" parameter of Rivet node, this is the same.
  7. Flame attachment and render problem

    In this particular case rivet node calculating the transform from vector attributes "up" and "N" on point 32. In attribute wrangle i just take these previously calculated attributes from point 0 and set them to point 32.
  8. Flame attachment and render problem

    Hi, you can use rivet object node for this. Look at the hip file. Ocean_try_6_starship_landing_01.hipnc
  9. Transfering attributes issue...

    Aizatulin has provided possible solution already.
  10. Transfering attributes issue...

    Here another approach AttributeTransfer_02.hipnc
  11. Fluid ignores animation of static object [SOLVED]

    Hi, you can explore this hip. Increase buckets' sides depth, use 'Collision Object' shelf tool for them to create collision shapes, increase substeps on flip solver. flip.hipnc
  12. Create constraint Runtime

    Hi, i believe this topic may help you this post particularity most of the links are dead unfortunately, but here Richard's site with hips: https://www.richlord.com/
  13. Yes, that's right. v@scale is non-uniform scale point attribute - https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/copy/instanceattrs.html
  14. Hi, the new nodes and nodes I've changed are green. picketFence_w21_alternateHeight1_01.hipnc
  15. Rotation in Wirecaptures

    Hi, you have to connect transform1 to timeshift1 instead of bend1 to timeshift1, right now on frame 1 wire capture sop captures to already curved primitive. And play with 'Blending' parameter on a wire deform sop.
  16. Recognize Disconnected Mesh As A Connected Mesh?

    Hi, use in Tab menu Vellum Weld Points, in Group parm choose points you want to be connected while simulation.
  17. Creating a primitive

    Yes, it can but you should use extra nodes with them. prim.hipnc
  18. Creating a primitive

    Hi, if you have SideFX Lab installed you can use Labs Disc Generator hda for creation primitive like this.
  19. array value increment doesn't work in VOP

    Sure ArrayValueIncrementQuestion_01.hipnc
  20. POP Solver substeps issue...

    Yes, this is how DOP works, each substep all nodes in a dopnetwork cook. As i can see you want particles born just ones, in this case use expression in 'Impulse Activation' parameter: $ST < ch("../timestep") It will be independent how much substeps you have.
  21. UV doesn't stick to Vellum [RESOLVED]

    Hi, place your uv nodes after rest sop node and before attribute copy node. You have to copy uv attribute form rest geometry to simulated.
  22. Substeps cache problem

  23. array value increment doesn't work in VOP

    Hi, you should create constant vop type float array and connect it to the do_while_begin1, then output of this connect to input 'array' of the setelement1 vop. Finally you should connect result of setelement1 to the end_do_while1, and it should work now.
  24. Hi, i think it's just volume visualization node's viewport visualisation imprefection.