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  1. SOP Solver first frame

    Hi noumiere, it didn't work because of ConvertVDB. It is VDB comes in to the solver and it should be VDB as well before next substep. I moved ConvertVDB out from Solver SOP and plaice VDBsmooth at the end of node's chain into the solver. volumeGradient_v02_01.hipnc
  2. Sop Solver Dilemma

    In SOP I transferred velocity into the assemble10, moved down UPDATE_VEL null and created constraints after assemble9 instead after pointvop9 in original scene.
  3. Sop Solver Dilemma

    Hi, I did some changes in SOP and in DOP. Take a look at the .hip. SOPsolverPRoblem_01.hipnc P.S. I've temporarily turned off gravity
  4. mask force RBD

    Hello, i find that work of a force DOP with a bullet solver and packed primitives is quite unpredictably. This is another approach for your task in the hip file. I've increase velocity, changed type of volume from fog to SDF and in DOPnetwork plugged in a sopsolver DOP to second input of the bullet solver. See in the attribute wrangle how it works. mask_fields_pyro_01.hipnc
  5. Hello 1. You can use a VDB Reshape SDF and maybe a VDB Smooth SDF nodes between vdbfrompolygons1 and vdbconvert1. 2. In this case you can just use second solver sop. Copy-past solver sop that you already have in the scene and plug in small vein to first input and output from solver1 to second input of the second solver. Then merge it.
  6. Fracture parts don't fall down

    Hello, bypass the groundplane1 in DOP or move it down. It's inside the grid_object1 geometry right now.
  7. For simple cases you can use an Attribute Randomize SOP.
  8. Help with multi solver

    Hi, have a look at this topic
  9. Hard Constraint Unknown Behaviour

    It works if you animate geometry after assemble sop, set Initial Object Type parameter to Create Animated Static Object in RBD Packed Object and set Constraint Force Mixing from 0 to 1 value in Hard Constraint Relationship dop. HC_Problem_01.hipnc
  10. Parenting sim to an animated alembic geo

    Hi, you can use an Alembic Xform object node for this.
  11. Hi, look at this, it should help you
  12. Read float point attributes as strings?

    Yes, correct is `round(point("../line1", 0, "P", 0) * 1000)` it helps you: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/point.html
  13. Read float point attributes as strings?

    Hello, yes this is possible attr_value_to_font.hipnc
  14. Scatter on geometry only on Y-Axis

    I wouldn't say that it not procedural because all groups created procedurally ... but it's up to you Another example without a single group P.S. there is one group actually ) scatter_on_top_02.hipnc
  15. Scatter on geometry only on Y-Axis

    Hello You can create point group of circle before copy to points then after skin promote point group to primitive. After boolean this group has to project to the box geometry. Use this group for scatter. See the hip, I hope this helps you. scatter_on_top.hipnc
  16. Looks the same for me. I wouldn't change Houdini unit length but place a transform sop at the end of the node network and adjust uniform scale. I think it is not at Houdini side. Try import your obj file into Maya, 3dsmax or somewhere and see what will happen.
  17. debris source trails

    Or you can turn Cache Simulation on in the DOP Network SOP
  18. [SOLVED] [VEX] point() function returning "old" value

    When we read attribute with point() we read it from input number which on the first place in the function and this attribute not modified yet. When we read with @P then if it was changed in the wrangle code we get new value.
  19. This is an example how you can do it export.hipnc
  20. Group edges

    And another one, i think even better edges_group_02.hipnc
  21. Group edges

    OK, i got it, that is my bad. This is another way. edges_group_01.hipnc
  22. Group edges

    Is this what you're looking for? edges_group.hipnc
  23. RBD Material Fracture with glue and "active/passive"

    Go to RBD Material Fracture's tab Constraints and turn on Apply Constraint Properties. You'll get constraints from a pink output of the node. Hook a null on this output and it will bee reference for Constraint Network DOP.
  24. sub fracturing glue constraint problem

    Hello Matt, It's because you rewrote s@name in forloop. I've bypassed some redundant nodes, in the Block End node set "name" attribute instead of "class " in Piece Attribute parameter and created new s@name value in voronoifracture2 node. Sub fracture problem_01.hipnc