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  1. Load QT UI from HDA extra file

    ok thanks stalkerx777 :-)
  2. Load QT UI from HDA extra file

    it works for you animknight?
  3. Load QT UI from HDA extra file

    Hi Salkerx777, thanks for your reply. I just checked your hda and it seems to have what i'm missing, nevertheless when i try to launch the ui there is this error (see attachment) From my side I find a "solution", i can get the content of the ui with hou.readFile(opdef....), then write this content on the desktop in a ui file and pointing on it when launching, then deleting after the ui.show() (so it's transparent for the user) But your solution is more convenient^^, and i'm very interesting to work with it
  4. Load QT UI from HDA extra file

    Hi everyone, I wonder if someone has already succeed to load a .ui file made with qtdesigner, but the particular case is that .ui file is inside a HDA in Extra Files. I've tried with opdef but it seems to be not working. the command I used was QUILoader().load(path.ui) (and it's working if the .ui file is on disk) Thanks to all