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  1. Velocity Field/Curl Noise Workflow for flip H17

    Thanks for the replies guys. Adding the velocity to the points seems like an incredibly handy way to do it alright, I was just curious if there was a way to get a velocity attribute onto them (bar say using an attribute transfer) that you declare elsewhere. Because I see you can initialize v on the Fluid Source Node. If you have any velocity on the points of the object you create the Fluid Source Volume with then they don't carry across in any way. I've since recreated something akin to the old set-up with the volume velocity node, and by importing that through the 2nd or 3rd inputs on my Flip Solver using a volumesamplev on a wrangle of Vop, though once the particles hit the bounds of my volume they tend to stop unless I use an enable solver to switch off the wrangle/Vop. I'm thinking that there's something incredibly simple I'm missing with the volume source node, as I've brought in velocity with that before with the Sop to Dop bindings, and I'm wondering now how you do that now in Houdini 17.
  2. Howdy, I'm having trouble getting my head around parts of the new Flip workflow in Houdini. Namely getting in a custom velocity field the way you used to. I'm working on a sort of of paint splatter, and what I want to do exactly is emit from a surface and use it's normals for my velocity, while also adding on a bit of curl noise as you would have done previously. I'm trying to find information online but I keep getting pre-Houdini 17 videos before they changed the workflow. Right now I have my own custom set-up with vex on the generated particles after the flip source node, I'm getting the result I want but I'm wondering what way Side FX intends for us to do this now with vel fields. I can't seem to get things working. Thank You Paint_Splash.hip