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  1. Hi. Can I export fbx as separated meshes? I have problem with ROPfbx. After export merged object I have only one mesh when I open it in Maya. Exist a possibility to not merge them at all? I see that alembic recognise parts by name attribute. But fbx has problem with that.
  2. Vex shifting values.

    Sort sop. That is it. Thanks.
  3. Vex shifting values.

    Thanks. I probably do it wrong but I cant figure out how to do it by modulo operator. I used sawtooth function. Not to hard to fit this function in range. Still simple code, but maybe some novice as I, will feel this is a usefull. float amplitude = chf("amplitude"); // sawtooth - function with offset about an amplitude. - Begining at 0 and rising up. With animation. @P.y =((-2 * amplitude)/3.14) * atan(1/tan((@Cd.r + @Time * -0.5 * 3.14)/chf("period"))) + amplitude; Yes i like to complicate everything. But this make so fun even if I don't have to much free time.
  4. Vex shifting values.

    Hi. Probably this is trivial but i don't know how to deal with this in Vex in very optimal way. I have problem with shifting values in Vex. For example I have a line with points from 0 - 100. Points have Cd from point 0 - 0 in Cd.r to 100 - 1 in Cd.r. How to shift this values about custom value? ( If last value is shifted then must go to the begining of my list of points ). I can do this in loop by checking last value and storing it in temporary parameter , but this is not a very optimal way. I'm searching for function but I don't see any.
  5. Rotation per point.

    Thanks. This is perfect. I was thinking that those additional vectors are stored somewhere.
  6. Rotation per point.

    Probably this problem is very trivial. But I stuck.
  7. Rotation per point.

    Thx Jooey but what if I have for example a sphere? In my case I have model of statue where are points not on one plane. I want to control rotation only around point normal, or chosen local axis. Rest of the axis should be intact + a little random rotation for each of the rotations. I don't know how to rotate initial rotation from copy point. Look at my red example there are everything fine for initial rotation for cubes. But If you switch to blue you see that there is rotate by axis and is almost perfect. But i don't know how to multiply this transformation by initial transformation. Should I transform somehow vector to quaterion. But how if I only have position and normal vector and didn't have a rotation angle? copy_normalOrient.hipnc
  8. Hi. I know this is basic question, but... Somebody tell me how rotation is stored per point in copy point sop. I see there are couple ways. First method by normal vector, second one by orient parameter. I'm confused when I want to rotate packed and instanced object arround Normal vector. Somebody know how to to this in Vop or Vex?