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  1. Hi everybody! Do you know if rmands has problem with void functions? When I use rmands to convert the *.slo files generated by slim it doesn't make any parameter editable (like surface color, kd, ks, kr,...). I have to edit the sl file and remove the void functions. -alex
  2. Thank you all. -alex
  3. OK, sorry for bothering you, but now I have another question. At works I've always seen my co-workers using houdini (4.0) and I've played a bit with it in the past (I'm a maya user....). Now I'm really enjoying the new release and as I'm on holiday I'm going through tutorial both on the apprentice cd and sidefx site. In the new release ther's no more the material, and I was wondering how to reproduce the jobs done in the past without coding VEX shaders or using VOP's. For example I've seen a lot the use of the dent and erosion TOP, and I can't find a good way to achieve good smoke or fire effects with new release. With i3d you can get fantastic volumetric effects but at the cost of expensive rendering. What do you suggest? -alexongaro
  4. Hi Steven, thank you for the answer but my problem was that I did't move from current frame after changing the render pop. -alexongaro
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    Render pop

    Hi all, I'm quite new to houdini and I'm playing with POP. Now I have this problem, I append a render POP in my network and then source the pop in the SOP network. When I render, I always see my particle as sphere at the same size, I can't change the size nor the render as (in the render pop). Thanks, -alexongaro
  6. Hi all, I see it's a common problem setting up houdini 5 with renderman. I don't have any problem in rendering with PRman but I'm having problems in using my own shaders. I've set up all the environment as required (RMAN_SHADERPATH,...) and the directory structure as well, created .ds file, but I can't see my shader inside Houdini. Any clue? Regards, -alex
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