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  1. Thanks!. Im still hoping for a way to fix overlapping polygons in general. But your solution works well for this case. Thank you.
  2. Well, I solved my own problem. For anyone curious, the key was using the stored pcx, pcz and tangentu attributes. A little attribute point wrangle did the trick: float angleT = -$PI/2 + atan(v@tangentu.x,v@tangentu.z); vector pivot = set(@pcx,@P.y,@pcz); float dist = distance(@P,pivot); float r = atan(@P.x-pivot.x,@P.z-pivot.z); @P.x = pivot.x + dist*sin(r+angleT); @P.z = pivot.z + dist*cos(r+angleT);
  3. Ive been banging my head against this for a few hours. I am building a set of S-shaped fence pickets within a for-loop. I would like to orient each picket to be aligned with the tangent of the curve path. The problem is that the picket itself is built within the for-loop so that each picket can be customized. So I need to orient the pickets after they have been built. I will eventually need to make some fairly complicated customizations for each picket instance, so I don't want to get rid of the structure of building the picket within the for-loop. I have gotten as far as storing the tangent of the curve path (tangentu) and the x,z coordinate of each picket's pivot point (pcx,pcz). But I cannot figure how to use that information to rotate each picket around the pivot so that it is aligned with the curve. Or maybe there is a simpler way? HIPNC file attached. exp2.hipnc
  4. Thanks - Is there a way to do this that maintains enough flexibility so that the whole curve could still bend in 3 dimensions? Also, for the Triangulate2D solution, what options do I use? Every combination I tried on the model attached from original post just creates a large triangle with the swept path as sub-portions of the mesh.
  5. Hi - I am executing a sweep which produces overlapping geometry when the radius of the path is tight. I would like to produce clean geometry from this with no overlapping surfaces. Clean->Fix Overlaps did not work. Is there a solution for this? tightSweepExample.hipnc
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