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  1. HDA python get selected menu item

    There's a menuLabels function: prjID = node.parm('project').eval() prjName = node.parm('project').menuLabels()[prjID]
  2. Hey everyone, I just released my Pipeline called Prism, which I developed over the last few years. Prism is an artist-friendly Pipeline, mainly for animation and VFX projects, but it can help anyone who works within the CG industry. Prism does not only manage your scenefiles, exports and imports, but it also takes care of your playblasts, renderings and more. Prism works with many industry standard tools out of the box. This includes Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and Nuke. And finally, Prism is free to use! Here is a short introduction video of Prism: https://vimeo.com/265003976 You can download it for free on the website: https://prism-pipeline.com/
  3. PySide set Color of cells in QTableView

    QTableWidget might work, but i'm using multiple QTableViews already and i would have to rewrite a lot of code in order to switch to QTableWidget. Parenting the window has many advantages, which i don't want to miss, but I found a workaround which worked in my case: I want to have a colored cell without any text in it. I can't set the background color of the cells, but setting the foreground color (color of the text in the cell) is no problem. So i set the text of the cell to ascii char 219 ( █ ), increased the font size and set the foreground color. Now it looks like a cell with a colored background. That works fine in my case. Thanks for your reply.
  4. PySide set Color of cells in QTableView

    Yes i tried it, but it seems that it is only possible to set the stylesheet of all items or the selected item, but not of some specific items. In my case i want to color the first column of my QTableView, but i haven´t found a solution for that with qss.
  5. Hello everyone, i´m writing a tool in Pyside and i can´t figure out how to set the color of the individual cells in a QTableView. Here is an example, which demonstrates the problem: from PySide import QtCore, QtGui import hou class cellColor(QtGui.QDialog): def __init__(self): QtGui.QDialog.__init__(self) self.resize(297, 174) self.verticalLayout = QtGui.QVBoxLayout(self) self.tableview = QtGui.QTableView(self) self.verticalLayout.addWidget(self.tableview) # without parenting the ui to houdini, i can set the cell colors self.setParent(hou.ui.mainQtWindow(), QtCore.Qt.Window) model = QtGui.QStandardItemModel() item1 = QtGui.QStandardItem("Color Red") item1.setBackground(QtGui.QColor(240,10,10)) item2 = QtGui.QStandardItem("Color Green") item2.setBackground(QtGui.QColor(10,240,10)) model.appendRow([item1,item2]) self.tableview.setModel(model) testwindow = cellColor() testwindow.show() testwindow = cellColor() testwindow.show() Is there a way to set the color of the cells, when the window is parented to Houdini? Thanks for all replies