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  1. Hey guys, got a large scene to render, still frame, but Im getting a weird issue where my copies aren't rendering on the farm. I have a few buildings instanced and they render fine, using regular copy sop, alembic/obj loaded as packed disk prim), the buildings render but the handrails, arches etc which are instanced in the hundreds aren't appearing in the farm render but render locally if I render inside houdini. currently using 15.5 cant provide scene file unfortunately(working studio project + filesize is huge) **issue with 15.5, packed disk prims dont seem to work in 15.5.523**
  2. Sorry to revive an old thread but could someone post an example file with this setup? I've almost got mine working but its just missing something, my pin constraint doesn't seem to stay in exactly the same place. rotor_dyn_spin_test.hip
  3. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knew how I could go about linking the rotor prop (alembic cached animation for instance) to a set of rotors then get the dynamic fracture to always follow(like a parent or e.g. component to component constraint in Maya) and also the rotation to always persist even when colliding with objects. Im a complete beginner so I'm sure I'm just being stupid but any help would be appreciated Ive posted an example hip below, I feel like I'm almost there but I'm just missing something . thanks! rotor_dyn_spin_test.hip