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  1. Why does my pyro looks better in scene view?

    By looking at it, it seems that your scene is not lit up right. Try put in an ambient light just so you can see the smoke a little and then add more lights to your liking
  2. Pyro showing fuel in render?

    Hey, So i im having this small issue where I think the fuel? is showing in the render and it is ruining my pyro sim to look like a clean flame. I have density turned off, so there is no smoke and temp and heat are the only attributes being used in the material node. I'm assuming fuel is the source of the issue and it is being rendered through heat. Any ideas on how I can remove that small cloudy emission on top of the flame (in the picture below), in the video you can see it in the middle of the flame, you can see it on the 2nd and 3rd one but it doesn't seem to appear on the the black body one (1st one) It seems to only happen when I use the ramp to colour the flame