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  1. Animated wood beam - voronoi fracture

    Thanks for the help. It almost worked but only if there is no fracturing on y axis. But I used convert for .abc that you put there and it solved the problem with cloth deformer
  2. Hello, I have an issue, I'm trying to make voronoi fracture on alembic. The effects that i look for is to make this fracture shaped like wood beam. I tried to use attribute interpolate to scatter points on surface. It almost works but if I scale this voroni fracture before and after, some pieces are moving. (netbox1 side of geo) I also cant use voronoi fracture point.(netbox2). And the last idea is to use clothe deforme. But it doesnt work. My animation is freezed. Idea form this topic http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17532-alembic-fracture/ deformedAlem.abc beamFracture_abc.hipnc
  3. Curves rebuild/reasmple

    hah I didint think about it Thank you. That works perfect.
  4. Curves rebuild/reasmple

    Thanks for reply. Of corse it was my first try. I try also polySpline it is almost that what i need but I cant change the value of segments. And if I want to not loose the detail it gives me 1000 segments. I attach my .hip file maybe I cant tweak the options properly. velSource.hip
  5. Hello, I've a issue with rebuild/resample curves. I would like to add points between bottom and top vertex in equal ditance by world Y axis and save orginal positions of top vertx. For example the space between new vertex will be 1 unit, so if curve is long on 3units that it gets 2extra vertex(4 vertex in curve at all). And if this curve is tall on 3.1 units, it gets 2 vertex too and the top vertex still has orginal positions(5vertex at all). I hope I explained it well.