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  1. Very cool, and nice little demo video too. This is the sort of thing that I've done myself, but by hacking away in parameter interfaces and using custom buttons. This HDA does it all and more, but with so much more finesse!
  2. Inpointgroup VEX function issue

    Wow, you really went above and beyond on that one! I really appreciate the extra explanations and suggestions and am going to have a play with these tomorrow. I didn't know about the max function which seems to be a much better way of doing what I need to do, and you also picked up on the issue with greyscales where there is no highest value. I may afterwards try and set it up so these points are placed randomly into one of the existing groups, but that's for later! Thank you very much for the time you took to reply here, it's really appreciated and is a huge help.
  3. Hi all, first post as I have been using the forum passively up until now by searching for existing queries, but on this one I've hit a wall. I'm newly getting started so this may be a simple / facepalm type issue! I have the following code in a wrangle node with the intention of grouping points by whichever of the RGB values is highest. It mostly works as is, but I want for any point that didn't get included in the first two groups (grp_redbin grp_greenbin) to be automatically added into the third group (grp_bluebin). I'm using the inpointgroup function to test if the current point is already a member of one of the existing groups (at this point just the red one for testing purposes) but it always stays at zero meaning all points get assigned to the last group regardless of their existing memberships. int grpCount = 0; i@group_grp_redbin = (@Cd.r > @Cd.g && @Cd.r > @Cd.b); i@group_grp_greenbin = (@Cd.g > @Cd.r && @Cd.g > @Cd.b); grpCount += inpointgroup(0, "grp_redbin", @ptnum); if (grpCount == 0) i@group_grp_bluebin = 1; Can anyone see why this might be happening, or suggest a more logical way to go about this process? Many thanks.