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  1. Redshift attributes

    Found it, it works perfectly. I know i could pre-fit but i'm trying to discover as mush as i can with Redshift, so... ^^ thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Redshift attributes

    Awesome, it's working! Thanks a lot As last thing to betterl control the result, is there a Fit Range equivalent node in Redshift for the material?
  3. Redshift attributes

    Hi all, i'm giving a try to Redshift, but i'm facing a problem: There's any way to use the Cd attribute from my model to control the color of a Redshift material? I found the Rohan Dalvi tutorial and it's great, but that's with particle via the ParticleLookUp node. I can't find a way to make this thing work with a mesh.... Thanks in advance ^^
  4. Group by primitive size

    i tried that, it works too ^^
  5. Group by primitive size

    ok maybe i solved it; instead of using the GroupExpression node i used an attributeWrangle with: v@min = {0.0, 0.0, 0.0 }; v@max = {0.0, 0.0, 0.0 }; getbbox(@min,@max); v@size = @max - @min; f@tsize = @size.x + @size.y + @size.z; and AFTER that, i used the groupExpression node with: @tsize > X where X is the value i want to filter with I could create the group in the wrangle itself, but i found more confortable the group node cause it highlights whatever is inside the group. It seems to work now, but if you have other ways it's always good to know ^^
  6. Hi all, i'm trying to create a primitive group based on the size of geometry primitives. In old version of Houdini, i recall i could use a Group sop, set it by Expression and use this: length($SIZEX,$SIZEY,$SIZEZ) > V ; where V is the size value to filter with. Now in houdini 16 i have to use the GroupExpression sop, but it can read only vex, and i'm having trouble with it. I found in the help file that there still is a Length (vector) function, so i tried this: length (@size.x,@size.y,@size.z) > V, but it doesn't seems to work... any advice on how to solve this?
  7. Polyextrude Distance Scale

    I see. Thanks a lot for all the info ^^
  8. Polyextrude Distance Scale

    Yep, now it works. Another solution that a user suggested on another forum was to use Displace Along Normal vop, tried that and basically it's the same ^^ Btw, i'm trying to undestard the VEX stuff, but i couldn't find a list of parameter to use. I searched in the help with no luck. Is there somewhere a list with all the parameters like @P , @N, @Cd, etc.? Also i noticed, in your expression, that the + makes all the difference, correct me if i'm wrong: @P.y = @N.y * @Cd.r; = the Y position is egual to the Y normal multiplied for the red color channel @P.y += @N.y * @Cd.r; = the Y position is egual to the Y normal multiplied for the red color channel, added to the current Y position
  9. Polyextrude Distance Scale

    unfortunately it doesn't work. As i said, it works good when the geometry Y is located on Y=0. If you have a geometry with some point above 0 and others below; this methos flattens everything to Y=0 before it starts. The solution would be to move the Point position along their normal, adding the value to the existing position; but sadly i don't know how to do such a thing. Here's the scene: Spoon.hipnc
  10. Polyextrude Distance Scale

    Hi all, i've purchased the Helloluxx training "Tea and Cookies", and i've encountered a problem with the Polyextrude, since the course was made in Houdini 13, when you could use local variables in the parameters. Problem is, if i try to drive the extrusion distance based on the object color, it works only if the "Divide into" is set to Individual components; which in my case is not usefull (i'm doing a tea spoon, trying to give it an extrusion higher in the handle than in the tip). Any workaround for this issue? Thanks ^^
  11. Rotation with a Copy SOP on curve

    alright, so far i got it how to stamp the attribute. I created my_rotation, gave it a 20 as value and then, into a transform added on the first input, i wrote in the Rotate Z: stamp("../copy1","my_rotation", 0) The attribute works, but it rotate every instance with the same value, guess it's the Attribute Wrangle part missing, which i suppose i need to tell that every point in the curve have to get a differente value.... EDIT: I finally did it. Since i wanted every instance rotated by 15 degrees, i just put 15*$PT as Value of the Stamp attribute. I probably didn't make myself clear and @Atom thought i needed something more complex ^^
  12. Rotation with a Copy SOP on curve

    wow, thanks but at the current state of my houdini learning this sound way too complicate.
  13. Hi all, i've a question about the Copy SOP. Let's say i've a simple Box, plugged into a Copy with a curve as second input. It copy the box along the curve points, and i take care of the orientation with a Polyframe. Now i want the Box to have an incremental rotation on the Z axis every copy. Without a second input, i could manage that with the Rotate of the copy keeping Transform Cumulative turned on; but with a second input plugged in, it doesn't work... any suggestion? Thanks in advance ^^
  14. Gradient animation won't update

    Hi atom, thanks for the answer! The brain is turned on and the AutoUpdate is set to default. I've no Fastforward button in the timeline, just Play and JumpToNextKeyframe. If i hit Play it goes forward in the timeline and then nothing, no message and no blue line. The strange thing is that should be no cache or simulation in this animation, it's just a keyframe animation. The other strange thing is that if i go in my gradient, and just click and move the animated parameter and then hit Ctrl-Z, it restore the entire animation...
  15. Hi all, i'm experiencing a little issue with my scene. Basically i've some animation on several Gradient nome, done on the position of the colors. They works fine until i close the scene; then when i reopen it, the animation doesn't works. The keyframe are still there, but to make the animation works i've to click on the position slider, even without moving it, just click on it.... Any suggestion if this is simply a bug of 15.5 or something else? Thanks in advance