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  1. I don't have experience with sims, but I constantly finding myself falling in the following traps when developing some tool: 1- focus on efficiency in the first stages (wrong) 2- aiming at a 101% procedural solution (wronger) 3- fighting against Houdini's poor parameters UI and control, with the goal in mind to produce a good user experience (lot of python trickery involved) These obsessions are very time consuming, and sucks much energy and motivation from the greater creative goal.
  2. Hide parameters through python

    just so you know and go crazy like I did, one issue with doing that with python is that parms hidden won't stay hidden across sessions. This is also the case with disabled parms. This issue is never going to be fixed. A workaround is to create a hidden toggle for driving the expressions 'Disable When' and 'Hide When' for each parm you need to hide/disable. I really don't like this workaround, but it seems the only option if you really need consistency across sessions? Quoting from the Support:
  3. Rename label in multiparm list.

    sorry for the gravedig, do you know any way to set different labels to the different instances of the same multiparm parameter? Example for a multiparmblock parameter "myParm#": I want "myParm1" and "myParm2" instances to be labelled "Bingo", while "myParm3" instance should be labelled "Bongo". Is this even possible to do? cheers
  4. Triggering a top cook from hda interface

    Hi, as I mentioned I yet have to test this workflow, but isn't dirtyTasks() function what you need for it?
  5. Read a TOPs attributes from SOP

    did u managed eventually?
  6. Triggering a top cook from hda interface

    Hi, it seems that you have looked into the pdg api, but probably you want to use the hou.TopNode class instead and more precisely the executeGraph() function https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/TopNode.html let me know if you succeed as I'll have to do the same soon (cook topnet from hda) cheers
  7. about parallel processing in VEX

    Thanks for pointing this out. Very interesting. I don't quite understand the last post, when the he's addressing the idea of procedurally assign the Thread Size, so that each thread has the same number of iterations to deal with. To me it's seems a very good practice.. Why this should be dangerous? If I run 1000 iterations and I have a 10 threads machine, it seems obvious to me that I want to have a Thread Size of 100, and no other number. Could anybody clear this, please? thanks
  8. This is only guess work, as I'm not an hardware expert, but I'm in a similar situation of the op: very tempted by the new ryzens. New ryzen mobos should have more lanes, If I'm correct, so maybe you would have a little bit more expansion room than previous gen. Also, you can actually put 128GB of Ram in the new ryzens, as some x570 mobos support up to 128GB like every threadripper mobo does. To consider: 1) It would be only dual channel memory, vs quad channel of threadripper; dual vs quad channel, how much it matters for Houdini workload? 2) You would be force to buy 32GB sticks, which I guess are expensive as hell, and maybe also rare to find. 3) Also, said x570 mobos with 128GB support could cost a premium. At this point, if you need 128GB of ram, maybe it's worth investing in a threadripper? They say new threadripper are coming in october.. but who really knows..
  9. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    edit. ot
  10. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    SideFX it's time to to show some love for COPs . It would be nice to have fixed the instability and the slowness of COPs, and also have some nice low level tools. COPs could easily compete with Substance Designer for procedural texture creation, especially when Allegortmic is not caring at all about their substance plugin for Houdini. There's opportunity here. Also, it would much welcome to have better parameters UI. There are lots small improvements to do in this regard: like being able to decide how to justify the parameters, unified alignment, better labeling systems, etc I want the controls of my Digital Assets to feel modern and to be space-efficient.
  11. I found a solution for my case: I wanted a python node to destroy a specific node. I created a parameter button on another node, with a callback script that would destroy the node on button press. Then I called the parm button inside the python node and invoked .pressButton() Every time the python cook it will try to press the button. It seems to be important to have both nodes (python and button node) disconnected from each other, otherwise it would trigger again the same error. See attached file, maybe can help you Cheers python_destroyItem.hiplc
  12. I happen to have the same issue. Did your eventually find a fix? cheers
  13. I would like to know as well. It seems that for a Digital Asset instance you should register the event callback inside the OnLoaded event handler script. Am I right? Indeed, I'm currently registering an event callback (flag change) for a Digital Asset inside an onLoaded script. My issue is that the callback function is being run twice. Do you happen to know the reason? This is the code I'm using inside the onLoaded script: node = hou.node("/obj/geo1/flagchanged1") def flagChanged(event_type, **kwargs): if node.isGenericFlagSet(hou.nodeFlag.Display) == 1: print("display flag is set") node.addEventCallback((hou.nodeEventType.FlagChanged,), flagChanged) --------------------------------- --------------------------------- UPDATE. For anybody that might face the same issue in the future: I believe I understand what's going on: it runs two times because when you change the Display Flag on a node with the left mouse button you would automatically set the render flag as well. So you are actually setting two flags with one click, that's why the event .FlagChanged is being triggered 2 times. Indeed, If you try to use the combination alt+LMB to exclusively set the display flag (and leave the render flag in place), the event callback is triggered only 1 time. I guess that you can't really avoid this behavior and, in order to trigger 1 single event callback when the display flag is changed, you should write some conditional and use some toggle parameter to write to and check against it every time the event callback is triggered. ------------------------------- Q_onLoaded_checkFlag.hiplc
  14. how.pwd() on created otl

    UPDATE. kwargs['node'] is actually accepted inside a onLoaded event handler. I don't know why it was not working when I tried it the first time.. However it's not mentioned in the documentation of Hou17. ------- What's the reason for the 'node' key not being accepted in a onLoaded event handler script? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/locations.html#node_event_kwargs I need to know what is the instance of the digital asset in the onLoaded script. If do something like hou.pwd() it would return "/"
  15. Access factory actions called by hotkeys

    Ohh, I'd like to know as well. In my case I'd like to know how to access the "Select Viewport" action, that you can run from viewport menu. Alternatively I'd like to know if you can run an hotkey with python. (In my case it would be "N", which is assigned by default to the 'Select Viewport' action)
  16. Convolution curve

    That's nice, but for my part, I'm more interested to learn about the method, than actually using that otl. I guess it's a blackboxed digital asset, right? cheers
  17. Hello guys, I'm sorry for the little teasing title, but haven't found a solution so far, after reading docs and searching through forums. So here my questions: 1) In case of a viewport layout split in 2 (or more), I would like to know on which of the 2 viewports the radial menu is over. If the radial menu is aware of which viewport is underneath, it could set specific settings or object isolations for that particular viewport (like the viewport isolator node). I'm using the following code in my radial menu script, but it is always returning the first viewport, even when the radial menu is over the second viewport. import toolutils activepane = toolutils.activePane(kwargs) print activepane.curViewport() 2) Given a double display setup, with two Scene View panels (one on each display), I would like to know on which sceneviewer() the mouse cursor is over, and most importantly what are the (x,y) mouse coordinates relative to the viewport of that sceneviewer. Do you know if this is possible at all? I guess I could do something with the Mouse CHOP node and mapFromMouseChop() function, but Mouse Chop seems to be registering only the position of the mouse in the main Display. Is it not aware of the second display? 3) Bonus question: do you know how to refresh the 'radial menu' menu, so that newly installed radial menu files are loaded without need to restart Hou? Ideally I would like to embed a radial menu file in the 'extra file' section of my Digital Asset. OnCreated(), the asset would then save the radial menu file in the user preferences directory, and I would like the user to be able to use the new radial menu right away, without restart. Thanks for any help!
  18. Convolution curve

    very interesting, would like to know as well!
  19. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    COPs seriously needs some love by SideFX, I keep hearing people lamenting about it. My limited experience with it is very frustrating. I've found it slow and much more prone to crash than any other context. Also, it would be useful to have some kind of Cop Wrangle Node to store attributes and do some quick computation. Instead of being forced to go to Sop and back to Cop (which make things very slow and unstable) That would be really useful. I can imagine using this feature a lot for overnight wedging: you set a cooking time threshold and as soon as the wedge iteration cooking goes past it, the wedger skips automatically to cook and render the next iteration. * Some volume sculpting tool with good performance would be super nice. I'm struggling these days to get the coordinates of the viewport when you have multiple sceneviewers and multiple displays.. I can't imagine that such a basic feature is not present in the hou module?
  20. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    edit. wrong thread
  21. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    I don't quite understand these LOPs. Would they allow the wedge node to cook and render in parallel multiple iterations?
  22. We're getting closer, but something is wrong.. If you stop at any frame, you can notice that every new extruded cube is being randomly scaled based on the iteration, but next frame it immediately loses the randomness. Dunno whats wrong polyextrude_solver_foreach_MHHH.hiplc